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August 2013, Bolivar Marsh

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I brought about 80 flies and only used 2.

Two croaker caught on a coyote, and 2 more on a redfish crack.

Thanks Mike for getting us out on the water.  Man what a great day once the wind died down a bit.  For awhile there we kind of dominated the parking lot at Stingaree.  Everybody wanted to know about fly fishing the marsh.  Like it is a novel idea RIGHT! Anyways I'm bett'n some of the people we talked to about TFF will show up at the Expo.  ...and for two new members to show up well that was just a bonus.  Thanks for coming Jung and Bob.  You see we weren't lying...we do have a good time when on the water!

Best time of the day was the group Lunch at the Marina.  Great food, good people, and a pair of blue shorts to die for!  If you missed it YOU MISSED IT!


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