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July Saltwater Outing

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I'm out of commission until mid-August. Our house closing is that weekend and we're moving. Sorry I'm gonna miss it.

Sorry you guys can't make it.  Here is what I have for fishers and boats.

!.  Kelly's Boat
        Kelly H.   Staying at Trailer
        Mike Q.   Staying at Trailer
        Scott B.  Staying at Trailer (Not Confirmed)

2.  Mike G. Boat - Staying in RV
        George S.  - Staying at Trailer

3.  John P. -  Staying at John's RV 
        Dennis A. -  Staying at John's RV
        Andrew P. (not confirmed) - Staying at John's RV

Fishers with boats:
John C.  opening for one (maybe fishing with Shelby - I need to confirm)  I do not know their accommodations

We might need some more people with boats.

Fishers Listed on the sign in sheet
Travis R.  May fish with John C (if Shelby isn't fishing) I do not know his accommodation needs yet.

Please visit this site at least in morning and night to see if there is any change in the outing status.

NOTE: I am hoping all of this rain will flush out the back lakes and the brown shrimp. Fishing could be incredible in a few weeks.

Just spoke with Ray Russ he's in and will bring his boat. Travis you will get first dibs on fishing with Ray on his boat.  You might send him an email to discuss. 

We have room for one more at the trailer. If you are interested, email me or send me a PM.

Wake up PEOPLE!!!  Please sign up quickly.  It is only fun if you attend!


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