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REDFISH RODEO!!!! November 9th

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Good Lord, Don! You're driving from Alvin to Port Isabel, back to Alvin and then back to Rockport? I'd say the heck with that and just fish my way up the coast and meet us in Rockport.

I'd catch a ride to split fuel $$, but Puck & I are leaving from Katy. 

Don Hanselman:
We will spend the night in Victoria with sister...and then drive back to Alvin... I'm still working, Will retire in June and then I will be able to go whenever...
I will see ya'll in Rock Port. Friday evening..

You are the man Don! Thanks...

Just a short note here Saturday night.  I have inadvertently left my phone in (of all Places!) Port O'Connor, TX when down to help John P. today at his RV.  While there I left my phone in his RV and returned "phone less" . I plan to return to POC tomorrow BUT... you never know i just might not retrieve until thursday.  Contact Mike Q for matters concerning the REDFISH RODEO. See first thread above for his contact info. return here for updated info.

Don Hanselman:
Have fun! and be careful!!


--- Quote from: Bob on October 30, 2013, 03:12:50 PM ---Dunkin,

I'm at 99/Westheimer pkwy. Let's plan on traveling together. I'm thinking about taking a half day, driving down in the afternoon.


--- End quote ---

Bob- I sent you an e-mail. In case you didn't get it, I'll repeat here:

I can be at your house by noon / 12:30. I wanted to ask if you'd be able to drive, because I don't know when you want to return to Houston. Some guys are staying down there to fish on Sunday, so if you want to leave early Sunday morning (or even Saturday night, or whenever), then I can grab a ride back with the folks I'll be fishing with. However, if you want to fish Sunday too, then I'll have no issue driving us down there!

Feel free to call me at:  seven13-eight5seven-eight9O2


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