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REDFISH RODEO!!!! November 9th

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Dave Kelly:
Texas FlyFishers of HoustonRED FISH RODEO
When:                   November 8th Thru 10th, 2013       
Where:                  Rockport / Port Aransas, Texas       
Start/End Time:      Saturday 5:30 am - 4:30 PM 
Trip Leader:           Mike Graham & Mike Quigley
Phone:                  MG 832-298-3855 - MQ 713-213-8150       
e-mail:        -       

Throw you money in the Redfish Rodeo Collection Bucket here!

Trip Description:    27th Annual Red Fish Rodeo we have checked the tournament and event schedule for Rockport/Port Aransas area and is set for November 9th.  I am anticipating this years outing to be very well attended as we will be inviting members from the Alamo, Austin, Central Texas, Montgomery and Rockport Fly clubs as well as the salt fishers from the Texas Federation of Fly Fishers.  Friday night we will hold the Captain’s meeting at the Drifter's Resort to go over the rules and conduct for our event.  Saturday night The Texas Flyfishers will serve up some hot’-n-good mouth-watering Bar B Q for supper for all to enjoy.  We’ll also have some new-age acoustic Bluegrass Americana music scheduled for Saturday night while we get to know each other and share a few cold ones!  As always we will have some really cool Division Awards for the winners (Largest Redfish – Trout – Three Fish Slam) and wonderful door and raffle prizes for all of the lucky attendees to partake. 

This year we are also arranging Cabins and Bungalows for those of you who wish to stay for several days.  I will ask you to keep in touch with our website’s forum to keep knowledgeable on all of our plans. Keep checking right here for Outing updates.  The Drifters Resort for now is planned to be our tournament center.  We are asking that everybody RSVP so we’ll have an accurate count of those who wish to attend.  The Cost for all of this is only $45.00 pre-event (thru Pay Pal) or $55.00 at the door (Friday night). Separate lodging cost will be posted on the website as they become available. 

How to sign up: Sign Up Here, on the sign up sheet distributed at the monthly meeting or e-mail the trip leader.
How to get waiver forms: Download PDF form here. Required  Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.

Cost: See above plus you may want to help your boat driver with a few dollars for his expenses.

Directions: The Drifters is located just south of Rockport on Hwy. 35 as you head for Aransas Pass.   
About the area:YOU KIDDING ME! Fish everywhere. World class redfish and trout over vast grass and sand flats.  The jetty action can be fast and furious.

Important items:
• Member dues are current!
• Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.  ( Can be downloaded here )
• Extra change of dry clothes
• Wind and/or water proof jacket
• Lunch, Water, snacks
• Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant
• Hat, Polarized Glasses
• First Aid Kit

Recommended Equipment:

Recommended Flies:

Recommended guidelines for participants:
• Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns
• If inexperienced, then buddy up.
• Have proper safety equipment
• If you are boating or kayaking, inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.
• Sign in and sign out at the launch site. Inform the trip leader if you will be launching in a different place.

Here is the up to the minute news and info we have assembled.

1.)  Mike S, Arron H, and Scott F in Scott's boat staying at Phil S. home.
2.)  Anita M and Roy M in Roy's boat have made separate lodging arrangements.
3.)  Barry H and Lloyd M in Barry's boat and have made separate lodging arrangements.
4.)  Don P, Mike Q, and Don H in Don's boat and staying at the Drifters.
5.)  Alex B., Bob S. and Jack K in Jack's boat and staying at the Drifters.
6.)  Scott B. and John P in John's boat   Both staying at the Drifters,
7.)  Mike G., Jared F. and Mike F in Mike's boat staying at the Drifters.
8.)  Travis R & Tom D. in Travis' boat. Tom staying at Drifters, Travis made separate lodging arrangements.
9.)  Zach E., Robert F, & David G in Zach's boat. David staying at Drifters, Zach & Robert made separate lodging arrangements.
10.) Mark Foreman, Jim R, and Marcos E, in kayaks.  Jim staying at Drifters, Marcos & Mark made separate lodging arrangements.

If any of the above info is incorrect please let us know ASAP. We will watch the sign in sheet above for new arrivals. Better find a boat partner quick too, arrangements are getting tight. If you are signing up and you have room on your boat please let us know. Call either Mike or me (Mike G.)

Cost of rooms is generally between $35 -$45 per person per night depending on number in room.

Room Assignments at Drifters:

Bungalow 1    -    Jack Klinger & Bob Schnieder

Bungalow 2   -     Alex Blacque & Jim Richards

Bungalow 3   -     Tom Daugherty & David garner

Bungalow 4 -       Mike & Jared Frankoff

Cabin 1   -            Don Puckett, Don Hanselman & Michael Quigley

Cabin 2   -            John Purcell, Mike Graham & Scott Breedlove

...And by the way we are planning to fish Sunday Too! Hey where did my 10 wt. go!

As of  08:00 Thursday 11/7, the following have paid:

Barry H.
Lloyd M.
Tom D.
David G.
Mike F.
Don P.
Michael Q.
Don H.
Zach E.
Jack K.
Bob S.
Travis R.
John P.
Scott F.
Mike G.
Scott B.
Jim R.
Aaron H.
Robert F.
Marcos E.
Jared F

For those who are interested. The website for Drifters Resort is  Also, Dave Hayward at Swan Point Landing in Rockport has graciously offered to host a get together on Friday night at the shop. I will be contacting him to firm up the details.  Info on Dave's place can be found at

Please help Mike and me make this Redfish Rodeo a success!

I'm in this year!

First time since coming to Texas.


C'mon fellas! We only have Jack, Puck & myself signed up as of 9/5/13 at 12:30 PM. We need a whole lot more participation to make this a success.


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