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Grass flat west of Karankawa cut 2012-11-10

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Put in before 0800 at the bait camp.  Paddled 4.1 miles total.  We saw some fish, and even spooked some flounder, but the only thing that bit a fly was a suicidal baby speck that attacked a bendback.

Nic was game for almost anything.  We fought 15-20 mph winds, got stuck in the mud, broke a rudder on a kayak, hit ourselves in the back of the head with weighted flies. It had the true making of a memorable trip, with one glaring omission.....  NO FISH.

One of you diehard salties need to take this promising young fly angler out and show him how to catch fish.  The last 6 times I've hit the salt, that skunk has hovered over me like a cloud. :(


Dave Kelly:

PUCK - It's easy, first get out of that yak and wade quietly! Secondly go fish in a good location. Third, quit using a bend back, this time of year the redfish want big baits. Sight cast to reds using seaducers, spoonflys or big clousers.  Flounder love big slow moving white seaducers too.  Also why didn't you try fishing up against those marsh banks in the back round I'm betting there were plenty of fish over there. 

TOO BAD you didn't go play with your grand kids this week and fish next! Are they coming in from out of town?

Man - That skunk has you in his sights! Who ever you fished with is more than welcome to join us next week! It is up to him.


--- Quote from: Dave Kelly on November 11, 2012, 02:15:33 PM ---Location??????

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Dave Kelly:
The 4 miles? Does that include from the put in point up by Tiki Island?

Somewhere back in that marsh is the remains of an old duck hunting club from the thirties. Only the pilings were left the last time I was back there in the early 70's.  Brister remarked on it a couple times IIRC.


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