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November 2013, Guad trip...

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We moved the Redfish Rodeo to the first weekend, with the second weekend as a back-up. The weekend before Thanksgiving (11/22 - 11/24) would work nicely.

I bet dollars to donuts the first stocking is 11/23.  That might make things difficult plus it is frowned upon targeting those fish the day they are released.  How about 11/28?  I would love an excuse to leave my in-laws house. 

Well, I have heard that the 1st stocking is going to be earlier than normal.  Maybe this trip will work out nicely.   

I'm likely going to head over on the 22rd after work & fish the 23rd & morning of the 24th.

Nothing elaborate, just taking it easy by the river. Bringing Tracy along to get her out of the house. Maybe I can get her to tie flies for me..... ;D

Looks like Kelley H is joining me.  We are bringing our better halves so they can wander Gruene/New Braunfels and enjoy time out of the house too.


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