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October 12th, 2013, Sabine River fishing, make-up date,

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Launch point


--- Quote from: Puck on August 15, 2013, 05:51:00 AM ---Launch point

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This takes you to Google (R) maps.  Use this to find directions.

For first timers to the area, I'd recommend staying in Jasper, Tx, and make the trip early in the morning to the launch site.

There are places to camp, but these take a little more gear, and planning.


Finn Maccumhail:
How practical are kayaks here? Or is better to rock-hop?

Kayak, kickboats, and canoes, are perfect for these waters.

I've use all 3. 

1.  Do you want to cover more water, or expore?
    a.  Use a kayak. 

2.  Fishing with a partner, or like to take a large cooler?
   a.  Use a canoe.

3.  Stealth,  minimum gear?
   a.  A kickboat.

Finn Maccumhail:
If I were to camp out, what's the closest camp ground?


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