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June 7-9th, 2013, South Llano River float trip

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I plan to leave about 0900 and will be camping at the state park.


Does anybody have nay idea what the flow for our stretch of the river is?

I've dug around, but could not find the flow rate, in CFS.


This was not one of our better trips to this river.  The river and the weather were perfect, the fishing not so much.

My camera died early in the trip, so all I have is a couple of pre-fish photos.

The area had jus had a lot of rain, and a cold front had just passed through.  On the pre-fishing at the state park Friday afternoon, we knew it was slow, but we were fishing!  The few small fish we were able to get to bite took top water flies only.  Most of the time they were spiders, or S1Bs.

4 of us were at the launch at about 0800, after a good breakfast at Isaac's.  We drove the 2 vehicles back to the take-out point and with a quick run back up the river with Mr. Curtis and we were on the way. 

Dub landed a 3" bluegill, when his 8" Guadalupe bass spit it out.

I landed the only Rio Grande Perch of the trip, at the state park, Friday.

Rene landed a decent bass in a slow stretch of water.

I have no idea what Bear landed.  I'm hoping he took pictures.

On a plus side we saw plenty of wildlife.  Turkeys, boar, and deer were all over the place.  We saw snakes, but had no run-ins this year.

Let's schedule this again for next year, and just enough later to miss graduations.



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