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August Saltwater Outing - Bolivar Pocket

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I'm going to do my best to make this one.  Been wanting to fish the Bolivar Pocket for years.

Dave kayak ownership is not in my future but thanks for the offer.

Let's meet at the the end of Rettilon Rd. There is beach access there. It is a popular spot, which mean it may be popular with dishonest folks. Be prudent with what you leave in your vehicles.

As I said, if the winds don't co-operate (e.g. out of the East), we can fish the backside of the peninsula, which s/b a bit more protected.

Would anyone be interested in moving this date to a Sunday, possibly the 19th, since the 25th is the freshwater outing date to the San Marcos River which sounds like a good trip also? Quigley has said he would be open to this.

Just an FYI: I cannot do it Saturday the 18th as it's Tracy's birthday and I'll get scalped if I even think about going fishing......


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