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March 2013, White Bass... Upper Guad - Cancelled....

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So I chatted with Brent Hodges about this and he thinks February would be the best month to fish the upper Guad, particularly if we have a relatively mild winter. What about running this trip in Feb for those that dont want to make the trek to Oklahoma.

March can be the bayou bass-masters instead?

OK, topic is unlocked.

I can make a day trip for a February fishing event.

Let's see what we have for discussion.

1) FW trip to Broken Bow, OK, for trout and education.
2) Prison Permit in Sargent
3) This as a possiblity for those of us that need to stay local.

I'm for it, but it is now open for discussion.


For the white bass run there is a good put in at the Guadalupe State Park and then you float down river and arrange a pick up point at one of the local crossings above Canyon Lake. The big stripers will be down in Canyon itself during February.  Fish the full moon on the gravel bar just south of the river.  Use large white seducers or streamers.  My largest caught on spin tackle using a redhead - white bucktail is eighteen pounds and there are alot larger. This area is wade-able but the water is cold as well diggers ask me no more questions.

People were catching stripers in the river upstream of Canyon in February last year - we had a mild winter so they started running early. I have spies on the ground up there who are going to check it out and let us know when things start moving.

If we want to set something more in stone and for march - then we could look at something closer to home.


Paddling trail!



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