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Green's Lake area, 2012-11-02 with Joe


Fishing was great.

Not much "catching" but there were enough fish to keep us going.

More pictures later.

Joe French:
that is one way cool post. He did not mention that we had several shots at reds just did not hook up.


Are you actually telling me Puck was poling your boat?  Was the poling platform rated for such a Sasquatch? Bet you had a great time. Post up some more pictures if you can. Are you going to attend the Marsh Outing?

The best part about poling the Mitzi....... 

I didn't fall off!

The grass flats were calm, with the occasional pod of reds.  That was my favorite place of the day, as you can tell by the GPS route, it was Joe's also.

The singles were  extremely skittish.  By the time we saw them, they were already running.

I did hook into a flounder, with a char/sand bendback.



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