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iI am working over in the Port of New Orleans.  The other day this ship from Nassau Bay pulled in and began to unload.  One of the shipmen to this opportunity to go fishing off the back of the ship and this is what I saw him catch!
this was his fishing hole

Being slightly happy

This is what he caught.

Use your closeup mode to see the size of this drum I guesstimated 30 lbs.  I was talking to the guy the whole time thinking he was understanding me...nope didn't speak much English at all. I had him give me his phone number so I could send him his photos which I did. We met at the boat's side.  They cleaned the fish even after I told them (the one guy who spoke English) that it would be full of worms and stuff.  Didn't make any difference they'd been on board for three months and it was fresh food!


Joe French:
Look up Greg Dini (guide) and let him put you on some bull reds!!


Man would I love to, but I am here on work and didn't even bring a rod.  (Stupid Me) Heck I could find the fish here cause I lived here for a couple of years but i never fished the marshes until Alan Kulcak moved over here for a while. Unbelievable!


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