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What to do in November?


We don't have anything on the calendar that I'm aware of for November.  Do any of you salties want to get together? I was thinking somewhere not too far from home, but am open to suggestions. Maybe the marshes on Bolivar or around GISP? ANWR? I just would like to wet a line with some friends.

Dave Kelly:
Maybe this is a good time to explore some new  turf and report back to the November meeting.  Divide into groups of 2 and check the ox-bow's on Bastrop Bayou, or the Cedar Lake's and Cow Trap at the mouth of the San Bernard River. ( Puc k says he  has fished Cow Trap but is keeping very quiet about it.)

Chocolate Bay has a massive oyster reef in its middle and deep grass lined cuts around it.

Take pictures, put them on a CD and tell Jim R you need viewing stuff....... Either as part of the meeting or before the meeting.

We are pulling together an out at Sabine on November 17th. This will be a kayak outing. We will be able to hit the area around the Lower Neches Wildlife Management Area. This will be a great time to fish the Sabine & Neches areas without the worry of toothy reptiles (and I don't mean the elected ones!). Mike will have details & a signup sheet posted shortly. It's an opportunity to pre-burn those Thanksgiving calories! Hope you can make it out!

Ok you Kayakers it's time to come out of the closet.  Sign up for the Sabine Refuge Outing or I will nominate you for latrine clean up at the sunfish spectacular where Puck has been know to Ruin the outhouses.

That special paper only chapped a few a$$e$.



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