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I heard from Jerry Phan today who is going to put together a trip or two this next year for his Fly Fishing Club members to come fish with us here in Texas.  He's first interested in the Sunfish Spectacular and also the POC One Fly. WOW I CAN'T WAIT these are the guys who fish from the back seat of their convertible Beemer's HAHAHA!  We need to get these guys set up with accommodations and partners. I am already thinking about a reciprocal agreement!  Small mouths to Makos yeah baby!

Dave Kelly:
When I was a member of the Bakersfield CA fly fishers, they would charter a bus once a year and to go to the San Juan. Left late afternoon and arrived the next early morn, where they were staying.

I am up for the Mako trip! Let me know how much beer we need to provide these guys to get the shark trip on the books!

DOOD California guys don't drink beer...its chardonnay or merlot. DOOD PLEASE

Dave Kelly:
When in Texas drink as Texans do.


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