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Damon 7 Lakes Fish Report


Arrived at 07:00 signed and took off fishing the narrows cut on North side,,, Caught one small bass., Mulller Deer Hair,,, I land three, and missed at least five...Bass were not aggressive.  The perch were hinding in the grass.. as well at the bass along the banks.. Turned every windy and left for the house around noon...  Use a 8 wt. a heaver leader then normal in case a big bass wanted the fly...
Cheers,  I have a 22 foot Shallow Sport ready to go fishing,, I live in Alvin and fish a lot in Chocolate, Will fish both rod and reel plus the fly rod.  Anyone interested going sometimes, My wife want let me go by myself...713-816-0884.. Also any Saltwater outing coming up, I will be happy to bring the big boat and take fly fisherman to spots for wadding... Just let  me know...


We are ALWAYS looking for guys with boats to fish with, especially the club outings! I guarantee you won't fish alone for long with this group! Check out the Saltwater outing area. 

Welcome aboard!

Dave Kelly:

--- Quote from: DonH on October 13, 2012, 12:59:26 PM --- I live in Alvin and fish a lot in Chocolate,

--- End quote ---
Thirty five years ago I use to fish Chocolate Bay almost exclusively. Now a days where is a good safe place to launch? I heard that under the bridge you might get broken into.


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