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Greens Bayou


Hello All,

Thought I would post up and see if anyone else has fished Greens Bayou. Tried it myself after work twice this week. I live off 59 North, so it's on my way home from work. Went out on Wednesday evening, tried a black wooley bugger for about 30 minutes with no takers. Tried tonight again, using a yellow streamer, and below is the result. Saw a fair amount of turtles and jumping mullet, was hoping to get into some bass or panfish, but only a catfish. Time was limited, so we'll see if it gets better.

Anyone else try this area? I was east of 59, south of BW8 off E Mount Houston. Easy access and nobody around.

Also open to any input regarding fly selection. Although my time has been limited so far, I do plan to try and get out at least once a week. I've seen a lot of posts regarding White Oak bayou, and assume fishing in Greens Bayou should be similar. Maybe I'll try some topwater action next time - have some store-bought poppers as well as some foam poppers I've tied myself, so a good selection to try out.

Dave Kelly:
My  suggestion would be to look at the flies in the pictures on the website.
Also look at and the flies they are using on the hill country stream, they are a lot like what I see being used for WO.


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