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Abel 4N right hand retrieve paired with St Croix Legend Ultra 12 wt 3 piece rod.  Normal rash on reel, spooled with WF 450 S, comes with additional WF 12 F/I line.  Rod in factory tube.  $430 and I will pay shipping.

My research came up with the reel (Able 4N) being used for small to medium trout... why is it paired with a 12 wt. rod?  The rod retails in the 500.00 range as does the reel.  Strange combination.  I'm betting there is a misprint somewhere. Check this info out. Seems like a good deal if reel handles the line.

Able Reel review
St Croix Rod info Note: I'm not sure if the rod on our site is an "Elite" model.

This is not the trout model.  The original Abel 4N is designed for large rods.  I bought it for tarpon to pair with the 12 wt St Croix.  Go the the website,  specifications and find the Big Game Standard Arbor 4N.  It will show the capacities for 11 and 12 wt lines.  It will hold a 12 wt line with 275 yards of backing.  I don't know how to add a photo, but my daughter helped me list on Craigs List and ebay with photos.  Look there for a photo.  I'm in the Woodlands area and if you are in the Houston area I will be happy to show you the outfit.

I just dream of fish that big.  My largest tarpon 140+ came on 30 lb class spinning gear but I have two around 100 lbs that came in on ten wts. One rod rolled over and died after that fight. Sage fixed and returned to Owner.


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