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October Saltwater Outing --- Redfish Rodeo Updated 10-10-2012

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I'm signed up and ready to go! Hard to guess at this point, but I'd place the probability of having a skiff by the event at 50%. I'm in the market, if anyone knows of a good skiff at a good price.

Any details on lodging, meeting places, etc? I'm up for getting a cabing at Drifters if there are any available...

C'mon saltwater guys... we need more people - particularly boat owners!


I was able to reserve lodging at Drifters... you might want to move quickly if you're interested; they tell me there are some units still available but they might go quickly. Pretty fair pricing, about $100/ night.

Just sayin'...


This is strange, the sign up page has disappeared!  Dave put it back up so we can see who has signed in and who hasn't.  There is no way for me to keep up with who needs what so I can assist with boats or rides.  The entry forms have been set up (look in first post on this thread) and for those participating please download and send in with your money ASAP.  Phil Stranahan is going to participate...way to go Phil.  I will be staying there with a couple of other TFF'ers. Also Phil told me that he has a couple of extra kayaks if somebody needs one.  Contact me and I will tell Phil.   

Dave Kelly:
Down load the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Downloading the PDF is fine and dandy for submitting the entry. Mike still needs the on-line sign up form so that he can match boats and people. We really need that page back up for this as well.


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