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Today I met up with Jerry Phan who (to use my korney since of humor) became a "fan" of the White Oak Bayou.  After receiving his email thru connecting with Chris Sumers, I told Jerry a little about our local fishing venue the WOB!  He and I met up Wednesday afternoon at the Citgo and I took him around the neighborhood and showed him where to park and fish.  Of course I had a rod ready and showed him where some fishy spots were.  He and I will be getting together over the next day or so.

Here is Jerry at the ponds

Prey of our choice.

Bass in repose!

Here is one spot we looked at.

This is the other direction.

He could see bass well as I must have missed five or six eats! Of course every time a mullet would break water he thought it was a bass or perch so I had to inform him they will not bite no matter how good of a cast you present to them! He loved it and will be returning tonight with his rod.  If you would like to join us give me a call or text. Jerry took some pictures to take back to his club and I will see if we can get him to post some of his/their stuff on our page.  He's done the offshore Mako thing too with the flyrod! Very cool! But his love is bass and perch.  Look out Damien Lakes here we come.

He is here doing good work helping a cancer patient get to MD Anderson for treatment.  Jerry offered his time up to fly this patient here and does this kind of work all of the time. Our kind of guy. Hopefully he will return here to HTown often to fish with us and I am offering him a trip to our coast in November in trade for a trip to San Diego.  He is also a commercial pilot and is a degree'd Engineer! 


Well this guy is the real deal. He loves to fly fish.  He went as early as he could go Thursday am hitting the White Oak Bayou and found success right away. He hammered the bass until they shouted "give". We met up around lunchtime and decided that some BBQ was the first order of the day.  We quickly found out our little BBQ joint next to the Citco station had CLOSED...what's going on here? Their rib sandwich was the bomb and the folks there were very accommodating to their customers. So it was off to Larry's BBQ over on SH 290 and Fairbanks.  Buffet style BBQ all you can eat. Ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken, meat balls, and all the trimmings...damn good too! While eating Jerry showed me some videos of fishing in Blyth Ca. where they literately drive cars along the side of irrigation canals sight fishing smallmouth bass out in the desert! It was crazy, two guys in a BMW convertible, one driving and the other sitting up in the passenger seat sighting bass in the crystal clear water.  Dood, they seriously  hammered the smallies, but fishing from a beemeer well that soooo California huh!.  I told Jerry they need to get a platform mounted on the front of the car for the fisher and a tower platform for the driver (ie. mansfield towers) and do it right. HAHAHA.

Jerry as I said before is a commercial pilot and he showed me a video of him flying an aerobatic single engine plane doing hammerhead stalls, loops and barrel rolls, out offshore of San Diego how cool is that. Hum...wonder if I could get him to spot the tarpon migration out off of POC on his way back home.  Imagine this... he will be flying his 180 Piper at 8500 ft from Houston to Orange County this Saturday. Hey Jerry keep a sharp eye on the weather brother.  It is supposed to be a little dicey here tomorrow with a 70% chance of rain. It is a "blowing" light norther headed this way. Winds are forecasted 25+mph from the north.  You guys know what this means ducks, and redfish!
His buddies back in Cali were calling and texting him asking about the fishing here in Texas...uh we better watch that the western gate and see that it is closed before the end of today. :) Jerry is also the outings chair for his club and is very active in finding great low cost fishing outings.  He has some real cool deals working with property owners that has me thinking what we can arrange.  Kind of like we have with Mike down at Damien Lakes.  I have proclaimed Jerry Phan our TFF West Coast Liaison.  If we have any members going that way (SoCal) they need to touch base with Jerry and see what he recommends! Call me for his contact info. I am hoping he will bring his presents to our forum here and give us reports from out there. Neat huh!

But we came here to fish. So over to the ponds we went.  I waded and Jerry used my 8' float cat.  It didn't take long for the hookups to begin.  As I waded into the water I saw a large (remember a large bass here is only 14") bass just sitting there ten feet from me but after several casts he blew out and was gone.  But soon we were racking up the numbers. You could hear Jerry's "youuuhooo's" and my "fish on's" with each fish caught.  Jumping bass were everywhere too. After a while we met up with TFF member "Wooley Buger" who we found wading in behind us. He too racking up some impressive fish numbers.  We started talking and he offered us a look in his fly box which was full of some of the coolest foam flys I have ever seen. We need to get him to our tying tables to show us his skills. As the sun started to get over the horizon we called it a day each of us catching well over thirty bass each and that is a conservative number!  Jerry is going to try to fish a little while after his ...and get this... MMA Kickboxing and Jujitsu class and then a quick gym work out all tomorrow.  Ahhh to be young again.

Jerry you are welcome to join me anytime fishing or just what ever.  Good people seem to gravitate to Fly Fishing and Brother you are one. Would also love to get up in your plane too some day.


Hey Golden.,
My name is "Dig" which is what my granddaughters call me.  Dick Pipkin is my name.  I am new to TFF and have read and heard a lot good about you.  I would like to hook up with you sometime and fish White Oak Bayou if possible.  Call me if you wish at 281-733-12209.

I will.  Just for your information several of us are planning on meeting up this coming Saturday before our Christmas Party over at the White Oak Bayou off of Hollister and West Little York.  Great place to wet a light line and have some fun.  I'll give you a call later today.

Dave Kelly:

--- Quote from: Golden on December 05, 2012, 06:56:00 AM ---several of us are planning on meeting up this coming Saturday before our Christmas Party over at the White Oak Bayou

--- End quote ---

Did you?


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