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November Saltwater Outing

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It was nearly impossible to find but this spells out the restrictions on the area. It looks like we stopped first at the boat ramp on the west side. We then tried to put in over by the triangle to the south of 73. Barry and I ended up fishing the eastern margin of the east side which I guess was still not legal but that is what the warden told us to do.

Mike, Great report and it sounds like you guys had a really good trip worth returning. I wish I had been there, but all I could have done was chum for you. Too weak to even hold a rod. 24 hr bug got a hold of me.


So it is reserved for duck hunting only. I wonder whose agenda was served by this area being closed.  Now after I reviewed the TP&W regulations, I wonder if you can fish this area starting the 1st Monday after the closing of the first duck hunting season (split season you know) until the second season starts. I am just wondering?


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