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"Alcohol burner?" I was asked.....


Why have one on your fly tying table?
1.   You don’t have to hold it lit like you do a lighter, so you won’t burn your fingers keeping a flame.
2.   It is pretty stable.
3.   There is absolutly no smell as it burns.
4.   For making bent legs and burnt mayfly wings it can be invaluble
5.   Also can be used in the production of shrimp eyes.

Some tips on how to use it:
1.   By denatured alcohol from a hardware store.  The flame will be cleaner without all the water that is in rubbing alcohol
2.   Don’t light it until you have multiple pieces of work to do.  No need to put all that heat out until you are ready
3.   Only keep it about half full.  Even with the lid on, the alcohol will evaporate out.

I keep one on my desk, and if I think of more I’ll post up.



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