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So I get this call from this TFF bud of mine ( our's) last week Saturday and he says he's a go'n to Austin to this unknown location to check out a boat. What do you think?  It didn't take him much to get me to say, "I wanna GO!".  So go I did ...we are on the road by 10:00am and ride'n in this bright red luxury SOB I mean SUV that no respect'n Texas State Trooper is going to let pass without given 'er the "ole evil eye".  Anyways bout half-way there I ask, so where's this secret place.  He says it is some lake whatchamacallit and we're meeting the Owner and going for  test ride.  OK I get That! Where is this lake...being slightly more knowledgeable than any old SEC lov'n yeahoo... I said whatchamacallit huh where's that!  He says over off 290 somewhere.  Well now there you go.  Even I can find that!  I talk Rand McNalley into turning into the next gas station to get the local explanation on the lake whatchamacallit's wherabouts.  First place we go was an Hispanic biker Stop and metal head 'n Go where he didn't even know what a lake was!  Next place was a Quik Powerball and Beer to Go joint where one of the patrons said old whatchamacallit is really named "this" but some people call it "that" cause of what happened there years ago.  DON'T GO THERE MIKE, DON'T.  So now we have directions and that's a real good thing cause the old boy's Willis offspring had a malfunction at the GPS junction and for all we knew nowhere was everywhere!  But we arrived and there she was in all of her azure beauty Lake Whachamacallit and she was dead calm and OURS!  "But no boats are waiting to be I mean tested,"  I say to my buddy.  He'll be here. (Insert Jeopardy song here)  But alast he shows and behind his grocery-getter's sportsstation wagon was this white beauty sitt'n on the purrdy'ests aluminum trailer you ever did see. Grey motor and all she was a boat alright (breakoutanotherthousand) and looked quite capable of handling anything he could dish-out to her.  Small talk begins and my phone goes off...big client having a flood under my brand new installed roof curbs! 

Well I guess he tested the boat out as he came back to shore where I was still reeling from so much bad phone information..." Boat's nice but she's a miss'n.  Missing what I say..."no I mean miss'n like running bad!  Currrrrumba I say.  He says, "Maybe ethanol"...(oh if he knew who he was talking to about ethanol)...or might be filters ...anyways I'll get it fixed".   So negotiations ensued and I feel all went very well for "Bama boy.  So it would seem that we just might...or just maybe...if all the if's fall into the right space...we might have us a new craft in the salt fleet.

Did Whatchamacallit look nice or what!

The boat showed up and got looks from the onlookers!

Front End

Back End


The thing floats!

The present Owner is a well seasoned flyfisher and has fished and caught his first tarpon with my brother.  The boat seemed to have been taken well cared for and was full of 5, 6, and 8 weights and a very nice spinning rod too all of which I tried to get thrown into the deal.  As far as the roof leaks way over re-action to what amounted to be less than a 1/4 of an ounce in four buckets.  General contractor ppunched holes thru roof without notifying us to seal!  Go figure.

Hopefully we will have a deal done soon...the new owner says he'll be the first to sign up for my skiff operators course! Huh! You guys who don't know how to pole a skiff need to get trained so when guys like this want to go fish they'll know you're a trained flat skiff poler! Think of the unabated fishing hours you get to enjoy on a craft like this!

Now who is this interested buyer????

Dave Kelly:
That looks like the Alcoa lake out of Rockdale.


Joe French:
I'd say by the way the bow is sticking up that Quigley and Graham are in the strern!!! :)

NOPE!! ...and I resemble that remark!


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