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I just noticed this past weekend that the bayou has had a hair cut.  Went fishing Sunday am and caught eight bass on the bayou near my house the largest was just shy of three pounds.  The water is a little off color either due to recent rains last week or some new drainage pipes were installed and the banks were exposed to rain water runoff.  either way the water should clear by today.  Go Git 'em

Have been fishing the lakes.  Somedays good some very poor.  Haven'tfished bayou in awhile.  Got any locations you would suggest,

Anybody fishing this weekend? Or is everybody just going to play around on this forum? I plan on hitting the bayou Sunday am.  If you want to join me, bring your guide fee...cooler full of shiners and I don't mean minners either and give me a call!

I might be up for the bayou on Sunday. I'll give you a shout.

Great time Mike...sorry I had to launch out so quickly.  I had a call from daughter who needed some help with a chore. What a beautiful fall morning. It seemed like the fish were jumping out of the water higher today than usual.  I was good for about 20 +.  As soon as it warmed up the dragonfly bite was on!


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