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Happy Camper!


 In celebration of my new job, I decided to check out fly reels in EBay. I found & purchased a brand new Tibor Everglades QC for $450. They retail for $750. New job, new if I can just save up a few bucks,  I'll add "new boat"  8)

Congratulations on the new job Mike! Hoping it works out well for you.

Sounds like you must have negotiated well! I think, on behalf of the entire club, you should be highly encouraged to act on your "new boat" idea. My suggestion for you is a HPX-T. Let us know when it is ready, but please try to arrange in time for the next saltwater outing.

Very cool - glad this has worked out for you.

I agree with George, congrats on the job!

More importantly, I think you should act quickly on that boat thing. I would hate for you to miss out on the late summer early fall fishing in your new boat.

Sounds like you got a sweet deal on a reel.  Time to go put it to use.



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