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Marine VHF Radio Recommendations


I am looking to buy a Marine VHF hand held radio for use in my kayak. Any recommendations?

Joe French:
I personally have the Uniden from Academy which is probably least expensive. The Icom is more top of the line. I keep mine in a dry bag.

Joe French

I really like the Standard Horizon models. I have the HX851 with gps.

I use an Icom, and they are pretty nice and not really all that expensive. I also use mine as a backup to the fixed-mount in my boat. They all work reasonably well, I don't think that there is a lot of difference for a casual weekend kayaker. What I would look for are the features you want. When I was shopping I was interested in:

* Power - equates to range and clarity
* Floating
* waterproofI'd think you could get something pretty nice for $125 to $150. Try taking a look at West Marine; I found mine on sale at a pretty good price, I just don't remember what that was. And yeah... I keep mine in a drybag too.

Hope that helps?



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