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August Saltwater Outing


I talked to Marcos today and based on what he has heard, he suggested that we hit the Bolivar pocket near the North jetty. This would allow both kayaks & wading If the wind is not what want, we can slip over to the other side of the peninsula and fish Sievers Cut.  I am going to go with August 25th.

I know that there's a fair bit of interest in Fence lake, but I'd like to do that with a little more notice than a couple of weeks. We might hit that later in the Fall.

What is everyone's thoughts?

I like it.

Do we have a map spot?


Fence Lake is 160 miles and a 40.00 boat ride away.  The Bolivar Cut is 60 miles and FREE! Little if any choice here!  Plus you can fish the front beach for gator trout, the jetty for toothy critters and you're not stuck out on the island waiting for a ride back to land especially if bad weather moves in like two years ago. Good idea, Mikey!


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