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New to SW/Texas fly fishing


So as the title says, Im relatively new to Texas (moved to Houston ~1 year ago) and have never wet my line in SW.  I'm originally from upstate new york, so my experience is limited to creek and tributary fly fishing.

I've been getting my fishing fix through trips back up to NY over the past year, but I've decided its time to get started down here, as this is probably a permanent move.  I've gotten most of my gear together and I'm hoping the weather holds off this weekend so I can finally get on the water.  I'm without boat or kayak so I'll only have wading access.  I am thinking of getting my feet wet down in xmas bay as it seems like a close and approachable location (I would definitely be willing to drive further south if there are better places to get started).  To get the point, I am hoping some of you with far more experience can provide some advice/tips for a first timer who doesnt have the boat/kayak access.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Dave Kelly:
Welcome to Texas. And welcome to our website. Christmas Bay is a good close by place to SW fish. If you read the latest posts, one of our members jump several Tarpon in San Louis Pass which is the entrance to Christmas Bay. Over the last 50 years of fishing CB, I've caught lots and lots of Redfish and trout in CB and Drum Bay.

A boat is not always neccessary, surf fishing can be productive. The club has a trip planed later in the year to the surf in Padra Island National Seashore.  There is even a kayak for sale in our 'for sale section'.

If you can schedule it, I would suggest you attend one of our   monthly meetings.  With a membership of over 200 and meeting attendance between 40 to 70,  there is a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Guests are alway welcome. And again, welcome to Houston.

Dave Kelly:
Fishing Fixes.
I don't  know what part of Houston is yours. Check out the Fresh Water Chat about the guys that are killing them in White Oak Bayou. (north part of town)  You may have a after dinner stress releaving place close by. Braes Bayou (Meyerland area) is full of carp.  What the hey!  Catching the fish is the goal, go to the market if you want something to eat.

Thank you for all of your advice Dave!!  I really appreciate it. I definitely will try and make one of the monthly meetings.


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