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Animal Chris:
Acting on a tip, my friend Jim Farley and I headed out of San Luis Pass bright and early Saturday morning to go search for the might "silver king". Surface conditions were excellent but the water was a bit off color, but still plenty fishable, with a good amount of weed scattered all across the horizon. We hit the spots we were told the fish had been earlier sighted and though we found lots of bait (being fed upon by mackerel and some man sized sharks), there were no tarpon anywhere in the area to be seen.

Later in the morning, we heard a little radio traffic so, we moved closer to shore where we saw several boats stacked in an area about a half mile in diameter. It wasn't long before we was several slow "rollers" and had one in the air, that managed to shuck the circle hook on the second jump. It didn't take long for the next strike and this fish managed to stay hooked. After an acrobatic battle of about 15 minutes, I released Jim's fish, a nice specimen we estimated to be about 110 lbs.

While we continued to see good numbers of fish for the next hour or so, we only had one more strike. After three jumps, he spit the hook back at me and, aside from seeing a few more rollers, that was our tarpon activity for rest of the day. We did manage to snag and release a nice sized jack, a large gafftop and a 42 inch redfish before we put the boat on the trailer.  I'm sure out of that mix, we cold brag that we might have had some form of a "slam".

An enjoyable day of fishing, for sure. Sorry about not getting any pictures but next time, I'll do my best to get some photos to post.

Tight lines and following seas, Chris

Dave Kelly:
Thanks for the report.

Good Job Chris.  How did Jim whip a sizable tarpon in fifteen minutes? Man that's quick.  Healthy red there too.

Great report Chris! Good looking red!

Animal Chris:

--- Quote from: Golden on July 10, 2012, 06:18:03 AM ---How did Jim whip a sizable tarpon in fifteen minutes? Man that's quick.
--- End quote ---

Thanks Mike.

From the time Jim hooked up, he put the heat to the fish and when the fish made his first pass by the boat, the mate grabbed the leader (don't ask me why).

I'm sure the angler and the fish both appreciated the brevity of the contest, not too sure about the mate, though.

The picutre of the red was taken on Jim's cell phone and it came out a bit dark. I had to adjust the brightness a bit so it bleached out the colors of the red's back. It had some beautiful colors when it came out of the water.


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