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White Oak...the sequel

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Tomorrow morning around 7:30, Golden & I are going to meet up at the store by White Oak. A few of the guys said they are going to try and come along. Anyone who is interested, come on by. Hollister & W Little York.

Well I guess we had fun if catching fifty or so fish each is fun!  Nice to see Mike and Scott hammering the bass.  The hot set up remains a bead head wooley bugger.  I tried the Miss Prissy but I guess due to the high sun and blue skies the bass were not having anything to do with it.  Had to go deeper.  I used my ultralight set up too and it paid off big time.  Crawfish colored shallow diving crank bait seemed to be the ticket.  I know it's not fly fishing but nothing is wrong with using a buggywhip ultralight spinning rod and 1/8th oz. lures.  It was a hoot.  Probably caught just as many with the fly rod than with the ultralight.  But the secret is out, I caught lots of fish.

Here is a good look at the crankbait I used.  Which by the way I found back in the reeds in the backround.

This guy fell victim to the bead head fly.

Say Aaahhhh! This shot is for a certain Dentist in our club!

Costa del Mar has come out with a new line of SUN FISH?

They say good things come in small packages! This lil "Warmouth" seems comfortable in his!

Dave Kelly:
Does Costa del Mar provide a soft cloth to keep these  babies bright and clean?

Good report thanks.

Went back today and found several players.

Here is my first using a MP given to me by Harry C.

Another just two casts later.

The weather started to move in so I left before too long.

I fished everything you see here. The island in the middle didn't offer up one fish??? The shoreline on right was loaded. The reeds to far left had a few biggies back there.

I'll be fishing salt next week so You can have this place for yourselves!!!!!

Your 'Warmouth' is actually a Green Sunfish. Notice the aqua blue lines around the mouth, the larger than normal mouth from a Blue Gill and the strong yellow outer colors. The Green sunfish is found in almost all lakes and pounds in Texas. They grow to a favorable size but the texture of the meat is not as sweet as the Blue Gill, Red Ear, Cooper Nose, or Warmouth Sun Fish.



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