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Joe French:
I have volunteered to have a knot tying table at mini expo in August. I am not an expert in knots and will learn more than I know now. Asking for ideas from people who have presented before. Also would like for members to show me what knots they are using so I can pass them on.

I am thinking about having fly tying vises with hooks to practice on as well as large cords (1/4 inch) to visually see knots. I have the "Little Redbook of Knots" and a few others.

Joe French


Even more....


This is a great idea Joe...I have only two knots I use for fly to leader. (the loop and the clinch knot)  I need more.  Not really sure how to tie the Palomar... need to learn line to line knots like the blood knot. Mine don't seem to align correctly.  How about some of the knots you use with braid lines.  I don't know any of them???
I'll be there watching and learning.  Thanks for your help!



If you can get the TFF web to add a Knot Tying Section to the Education/Events/Rod Building/Knot Tying, all of us could benefit throughout the year, not just at this event. I have a number of locations I use to learn about New Knots,Old Knots, the strongest,etc.. I also have made a number of stands for this specific exercise. I will look all of them and make a list. TV has a Knot tying section on one of the Sat./Sun. morning stations called "Knot Wars".


Joe French:
I printed out 23 knots from

I was aware of "knot wars". I was looking for a knot for tying flurocarbon leaders to braid. I have been using the Albright. I have read that the "Yucatan Knot" was stronger than the Albright.

There are lot of knots that are useful from the

I'll take a look at Puck's site also.

Midcurrent e-mail just had information on "Davy's Knot" and "Jack's Knot" . (not Klinger)



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