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Attacked by an Allagater Gar


Dave Kelly:
From Bev Edwards........

The Ouachita River runs cold and clear down through Ouachita National Forest in the mountains of  western Arkansas. It runs for 2/3 of a mile through the heart of long time TFF member Bev Edwards's Ouachita River Ranch. There is a huge gravel bar that follows the river course for maybe half of that distance. We walk along the gravel bar and fly cast popping bugs or wet crawfish flies for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Early in May the river has been very clear and we can sight cast to the bass. During a two hour morning wade fishing session I caught and released so many bass that I lost count. I was fishing in shorts and wading shoes, bare legged.  I hooked a nice smallmouth on a crawfish fly and had a long jumping fight with it. The water was so clear that I could see its every move. The fish was within twenty feet of me and suddenly a huge alligator gar went after the  smallmouth. I hauled in my fly line as fast as I possibly could until the fish was between my bare legs. The gar came after the smallmouth and grabbed it in its huge jaw teeth- right between my bare legs. I instinctively kicked the gar hard so it took off with the smallmouth in the gar's mouth. Now I was fighting the smallmouth in the mouth of the gar. We both fought hard until the gar finally turned loose of the smallmouth. I landed the bass and it was amazingly not injured, so I released it and it swam away.
Bev Edwards

Don Hanselman:
Way back when, I went to a friends Grandmas' home in York Town,TX to fly fish on York Creek that ran thru her property... We caught all the above including gars on fly rod...was a blast.  To top this off was Grandmas' cooking--never had cornmeal fried chicken with smashed potatoes and gravy. So good..!! Nothing like old country cooking an friendship... Nice Pictures and story.

Dave Kelly:
My mother use to fry liver in corn meal.

Chicken dipped in a cornbread batter sounds great. Will have to try that.


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