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Costa Rica tarpon fishing

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I spent May 21 thru 25 at the Silver King Lodge at Barra del Rio Colorado, Costa Rica fishing for tarpon and (as it happened) Jacks.  The accommodations were comfortable and the meals first rate.  More to the point, the fishing was excellent.

  In four and one half days of fishing, I jumped approximately 20 fish and boated seven--five tarpon and two Jacks.  The tarpon ranged from 50 to 175 lbs. and the Jacks were each about 30 lbs.  Clifford Ramos Loria, (506) 8841-02-30, was my guide, and he's the one you want for fly fishing.

I used a TFO Bluewater MD 14wht. rod with a Tibor Pacific reel loaded with an Orvis 600 grain Depth Charge line.  I tied the flies on Gamakatsu 2H 5/0 hooks.  All the tackle performed flawlessly.

The best months to fish are May and esp. September and October.  The big tarpon stack up at the mouth of the river in the fall.

RoseAnne Cody manages the lodge. You can reach her at (978) 335-0755 and

Well Done.  What kind of water were you fishing?  Big open ocean, the land locked lake, the river.  Give us a report with some good info please so others planning to go know what to expect.  What was the food... native or variety,  show us some flys, what kind of boats, how did you get to the lodge, hos did others do, did you fish alone or did you go with a buddy?  Fill us in. Any video?  Did you take any photos of the lodge.

Dave Kelly:
Excellent report. Thanks.
See you finally figure out how to post pictures.

Yes I posted pictures, but I was limited to four attachments.  Is there any way around this limit?  I can post pictures of the lodge and the flies etc., if I'm not limited to just four pictures.


Dave Kelly:
Jerry, let me look into that. Meanwhile, you should be able to start another message and post 4 that, repeat repeat.


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