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Dave Kelly:
Gadabout Gaddis, the flying fisherman?

I do.  He mostly fished northern waters for small mouth, pike and walleye.  I remember him fishing for trout too.  He did use a shakespear flyrod but also used conventional. Gadabout probably was one of the first nationally syndicated fishing shows back in the early sixties. I remember him fishing for tarpon way back when.  Came on for awhile just before Jim Thomas - THE LONESTAR SPORTSMAN. Both of these shows were instrumental in my taking up fishing as a lifelong endeavor.  One of the earlyest color shows on TV too. Here is a link to his bio. enjoy.

Dave Kelly:
My grandfather told me about him before TV. Then I watched hi m on the tube. Read his Bio book. Remember watching him fly fish off the pontoons of his plane.


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