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Backyard Bayou Adventure, March Fresh Water Outing

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Sounds good to me.  A good meeting point is the Citgo Filling Station on the corner of Hollister and West Little York. Let's say around 9:00 am Saturday March 17th.  If you missed us go down hollister (now called Fairbanks White Oak dr) around left hand turn to Woodland Oaks Dr.  Turn right and follow to Shady Grove Dr., turn right go to last street (Loren Dr.) and turn left to cul de sac...park and proceed down into the Bayou you'll know what to do once there!

Bring cooler full of beer, sandwiches, chips or what ever.  there is also a chance we will be hitting the Sonic for lunch too. so we can discuss that as we get nearer to our outing. 

Bass should be plentyfull.  If we have a hard rain during the preceeding week we'll need at least four days for the Bayou to clear out. Keep in touch.  We'll make this a fun time for sure and it is close to home (WOOHOO).  See you there.

Map from the cneter of Houston

Hope this helps.


Will have to drive up and check it out... and do a little fish-n.

17THMar sounds good my I join you...

All are welcome! Remember to sign up in the top thread so we have a good idea who is coming.  I will get a hold of Dave K., Nigel and George S. as well as others I think would like to attend.

Now for those that want to be successful...look back at some of my previous Bayou fishing trecks and look cafefully at the flys that I used.  Nigel tied up some real doozies that worked well. 

Hunter gave me a fly that scored three fish over 3.0 lbs.!

Mike Arnold tied this one up from chartruse/yellow/marine blue craft fur, clouser style with big black beadhead eyes.

There are two other flys that were money too.
This one was probably the best hands down.

Next fish Note same fly.

Believe it or not another fish on same fly note where fly is position in fishes mouth.

Here's the next fish from the same hole.  This place was loaded.

Here is a (too) closeup of the fly.  not a good picture but you can see it good in other picts.

Hard to see but you get the picture.

Mind you these aren't small flys.  Mike Arnolds clouser minnows are #4 hooks and they work well.

The long reddish-orange fly at the very bottom was killer!  Well I hope this helps and of course ...and as always tie one of each the above and submit to the committee for field evaluation testing.  Results will be published herin and Stars shall be born!


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