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Casting for Recovery!!!!!!


Hey TFF'ers, here is a worth while event I picked up on over on the Fly Honkey forum...I know, I know!  Anyways I will be fishing and hopefully so will you.  Check this out.


After missing last year, we're starting back up with our annual Casting for Recovery benefit fly fishing tournament. I think you guys have a good understanding of who/what CFR is. For those who don't, CFR offers fly fishing retreats and outings for women that are the survivors of breast cancer and those still fighing breast cancer. The Texas chapter puts on 2 events a year. They estimate that it costs $1,500-$2,000 for each to attend, and all costs are covered for the attendees.

Our 2010 event boasted close to 70 anglers. We're hoping to get back close to that number this year. Our fund raising goal is $10,000. Since this is in Texas, all of the money we raise stays here for the CFR-Texas chapter.

The tournament is July 14, 2012. It is based at the new Tarpon Shores Marina (the old Crab Man Marina) at Aransas Pass. Fly fishing only, catch-photo-release. There are no cash prizes. There are no crappy attitudes allowed - anyone with one will be asked by me to leave and never return.

There are 2 separate divisions competing independently from eachother: Boat and Kayak. A $50 entry fee gets you into one of the divisions for Redfish. You're also eligible for an "open species" division for no extra $$. Open species is considered any fish that swims in saltwater. The fee also includes a kick ass shirt, and sticker. The first 75 entrants get a cool fly box with tournament logo and CFR logo.

You can fish anywhere in Texas waters. Guides are allowed whether hired or fishing alone for prizes. Weigh(photo)-in is from 2-4:30.

There will be a huge assortment of raffle items, some silent auction items, and great prizes. Here is what we have so far for prizes:

BOAT (redfish): 1st-TFO Fly Rod; 2nd-Yeti Cooler; 3rd-TFO Fly Reel
BOAT (open species): 1st-TFO Fly Rod; 2nd-hand made redfish platter; (no 3rd place as of now)

KAYAK (redfish): 1st-TFO Fly Rod; 2nd-Yeti Cooler; 3rd-TFO Fly Reel
KAYAK (open species): 1st-TFO Fly Rod; 2nd-hand made redfish platter; (no 3rd place as of now)

There is also a separate set of prizes for the top 2 Women Anglers:
1st-Fly Rod (type TBD); 2nd-Pink Fly reel to go with the rod

Sponsors: TFO has always been a huge supporter and continue to offer their full support. Hell's Bay Boatworks has stepped up this year and made a very large cash contribution. J. Stockard; Sportsman's Finest in Austin is loading us up; Swan Point Orvis; likely Greune Outfitters, Stiffy and many others. We're always looking for more support - whether product donations for raffle; guided trips for silent auction; or cash.

I know I've talked with a few of you Honkeys that said you'd come down for it. Hope you can still make it.

General info on the tournament, application, rules, sponsors, etc. can be found on website

And, here's a little info on CFR's Texas retreats

I'll also throw up a few pics of a retreat our money helped to support

I should be down for this one.
Mike, check your PMs on that other forum.

Dave Kelly:
Mike thanks for supporting this cause and reposting  the information.  This link to the Lydia Ann Event spent some time on our home page and there is till a link showing.

I have a daughter who is a breast cancer survivor as others do who read this.

Give me a a babysitter lined up and the house is reserved.  Hellcat will be giving us a ride.

All TFF members that are going to be attending this tourney, shoot me a pm to let me know.



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