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Port Mansfield 5-4 & 5-6, 2012


Joe French:
First trip to Port Mansfield. Was a bait casting trip with Captn Trisha from Skinny Water Adventures. I asked her about places to sight cast for redfish. I want to go back. We fished Friday and Saturday. I got two 24" trout on topwater on Friday and a 26" on Saturday. Got some reds on top also. She is a grinder. We waded only both days. Of course she outfished us.


Hey Adam, did you look at the lease papers? Call me

So you didn't even have a fly rod with you? WOW I will start to arrange our summer outing down to the Arroyo Colorado.  I bet you wanna go!
So  far I have heard from George S, Mike Q., myself, Scott B., and a few others who want to go.  I am thinking Thursday thru Sunday.

Joe French:
Get ready for some wind. We had mostly 20 to 25 mph sustained.


Pt Mansfield is one of my favorite places to fish; the LLM is absolutely beautiful. Try not to tell many people about it, there are to many magazine articles already and I've seen fishing pressure increase exponentially in the past ten years.

As important as the fishing... did you make to El Jefe's?  ;)

Glad you had a good trip!


Joe French:
did not make El Jefe's. We took our own steaks. Next time will be eating out.



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