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FTU I-10 Store Opening


Went by last week to get a early look at the new store and Wow is it going to blow you away.  The Store according to Mike Barby is Opened starting Tuesday and there will be drawings for some cool stuff.  Give them a call or go by.  Located between Voss and Campbell on the southside feeder in the old Academy store. 8)

Stopped by the new store today to pick up a few leaders and WOW! What a nice store. Fly shop and Simms selection right up front and expanded. Really nicestore; they have done a great job. Sounds like they're planning some nice grand opening specials - I'm guessing there is something in there to spend some money on.

BUT... I will miss the FTU/ Carters Country/ Goode Company trifecta. Park once and hit three of my favorites!



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