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Attention GRTU Lease Access Holders!


GRTU is conducting a Stream Clean Up day on Saturday 21st on the upper lease access sites. Please see the email below - Trey's email is  Let him know if you can help out in anyway

Howdy, All

I wanted to let you know that we will be participating in TU's National Stream Cleanup Day next Saturday, April 21 by picking up trash at some of our upper lease access sites. This would entail starting around 9:00 am and working through lunch, after which you would be free to fish the rest of the afternoon or participate in the seasonal "rubber hatch". We're planning on having awards for most interesting piece of trash, most trash, etc. with prizes from the GRTU store. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to be out of town that weekend, and am looking for someone to lead events on Saturday. I will take care of the preliminary arrangements and planning, but having someone on the ground to head things up on the morning of the cleanup would be very helpful. If you're able to help or lead, please email me and I'll add your name to the list. Thanks, and take care.

Trey Nobles
M.S. Candidate
Aquatic Biology
Texas State University


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