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R.I.P. Jose Wejebe


Don't know how many of you are familiar with Jose Wejebe, host of "The Spanish Fly" on The Oudoor Channel, but sadly, it appears he died in a plane crash today:

He seemed like a decent fellow.

Vaya con Dios, Jose.

A sad day - I enjoyed his program for years, and you could always learn something from his shows. He had a real respect for the marine environment and conservation, and that really came through in his work.

You're right, Mike - Vaya con Dios...

A friend's buddy bought Jose's old off-Shore center console (The Spanish Fly) and fishes it out of Rockport! What do you bet the value of that boat just went up. Jose's Show and personality was always 1st Class.

"Via con Dios, Jose!"


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