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Mustad 94833 size 12
Brown 6/0 tying thread
Bead chain eyessmall
Squirrel tail
CA Glue

Discussion: This is my winter “go-to” fly.  If you’ve ever used squirrel hair for a fly you know how slippery this material is. It has great action in the water on small flies but keeping it on the hook can prove to be a challenge that most prefer not to tackle. This small fly has worked well for me in the early part of the year, January through March, when the fish don’t like to move much, but a small minnow imitator is just irresistible. Through this out on a 3-5 wt rod and work it slowly. I’ve been known to use it from my “belly-boat” for that “next to no movement” retrieves.
Later in the year, fish it as you would any minnow patter, retrieving it through all the weeds and slop in those little holes in the weeds. It sinks well, and has a great action. In Toledo Bend, I’ve limited out on crappie doing a slow troll behind a belly boat. Flip it out, retrieve slowly for 10 feet, move 5 feet down the shoreline and repeat until fish are found.

The hook in the vice with eyes.  Place the eyes and use CA glue to lock in place

Turn the hook point side up. Cut a lock of squirrel tail hairs that extend 3 times the hook shaft length and lock then down at the rear of the hook behind the eyes, as shown.

Go ahead and clip the trimmed ends and clean up the area with thread wraps.

Bend the hair back and tie into place. Place a drop of CA glue on the threads, making sure not to cover the eyes of the hook.
Go ahead and clip the stragglers and let dry.


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