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Your Favorite Fishing Songs (and a few of mine)

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Adam Colorado:
I thought this would be fun to do. And would love to hear some of yalls favorite fishing songs. The Waterboys - Fishermans Blues John Prine - Fish & Whistle Woody Guthrie - Talking Fishing Blues

I can think of a handful of other songs too, but I want to leave some for the rest of ya!
Lets see whatcha got!

Wormdrowner:  Mark Chesnutt - "Too Cold at Home" Jimmy Buffett - "A Pirate Looks at Forty" George Strait - "Blue Marlin Blues"

Dave where can I download this song? Who is it sung by. Can't find it on ITunes.

Dave Kelly:
It is on a 4 CD set called "Papa Was A Fishin' Man" by 'Worlds Greatest Fishing Band'. Vocal by Gary Shiebler.
Throw iTunes out the window.

Cut an past this into your Google search bar. Mine returned 24 hits  and told me they have a web presence on 'My Space'.
"My Space" OR "C D Baby" OR Reverbnation "Papa Was A Fishin Man"

Dave Kelly:
"Papa Was A Fishin' Man" consists of 2 fresh water CDs, 1 salt water CD, and 1 fly fishing. also  has the CD set for sale.


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