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Adam Colorado:
I just putting the final finishing touches on a new 10wt that I plan on using for surf fishing.  I havent bought a reel yet, but before I do I want to decide on an appropriate fly line for surf/jetties.

Any opinions on line choice? Full Sink? Intermediate? Surely not Floating?


I bought a Cortland Little Tuny intermediate line for my 9wt last year and used it in the surf at PINS and it worked great. Casts really well too.  This is the line. If I get a 10wt I would probably get this line again for it.


I used a 10 wt last year at the PINS trip, outfitted with an intermediate sinking line. I used Scientific Anglers "Bonefish" line; it did the trick really well. I liked the sink rate and depth - not too deep which was right for the surf. I had a stripping basket with me, but quickly left it on the beach as it was unnecessary with the intermediate sinking line. I've not tried a floating line, but I would think you'd fight it unless the surf was dead calm.

When you're ready to try it out give me a call!

Good luck,

I used a clear 8wt intermediate for PINS last year, and plan to buy another just like it for a back-up rod. 

A full sinking line would work well when you are dragging across the bottom, but I don't see why you would want to do that.  Or you plan on stripping so fast it never sinks far.

A floating line in the surf would dance on the top of the waves, tangling between casts.

My 2 cents.



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