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February's Featured Fly


OK you guys here is the Monthly Featured Fly for the TFF Tuesday Nite Tyers at Bayland Park Recreation Center for the month of February.  As you can clearly see it works very well in freshwater but originally designed for Salt! Look closely and tie carefully...a winner will be announced (the decision of the judges is deemed final) judged by tying committee = the tyers themselves. (they collectively vote on their favorite)

Now the good news is that we...are you listening... all voting and judging shall be done bankside (contestants must be present to win) before we then hit a section of Houston's finest hidden backwater bayou to search for big spawnning bass...They are there and not that hard to find.  One Kicker... only the winning tyer can use his winning fly pattern.  The rest shall refrain from using the same pattern during that outing!

Here is the pattern.

Another view - poor photo's

but I'm sure you get the picture.

George Sutherland give this one a try!!!! YOU COULD WIN!

The personal adoring acclaim one receives from being a Tuesday Nite TFF Tying Champion during future TFF events will astounding. 


Too many BRWLQRS it looks a little fuzzy Mike .......

I dunno Mike... tying one fly does not make one a fly-tyer.

Maybe I need some expensive equipment, a whole bunch of fuzzy stuff from Orvis, and an obsessive quest for perfection before I attempt to ascend that pinnacle of greatness. You know, like Puck!  ;D

I think I need practice...!


I had just recieved the Camera when I took those pictures.  The auto focus was pinpointing another object instead of the fly.  Hopefully our tyers can get the picture.  The colors and size are most crucial and this little guy hits a home run when on the Bayou!  I have also slammed several good reds and trout with this same fly. Everybody needs a good pattern that goes both ways huh John?  Tie some up and give them a try.

George "the Obsecession" has just begun.  Wouldn't you like to be at home today with a warm cup of coffee sitting on your tying table with all your new gear spread out before you as the rain gently cascades down on your roof. The wifey cooking up some hot steaming gumbo in the kitchen all the while your tying your favorite patterns. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


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