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young man and the sea:
Hey everyone,

I am new to the world of saltwater fly fishing. I attended the fly tying event on feb 4th and really want to get started. I am looking for a new or used 8 wt saltwater set up. It doesn't have to be fancy, just something that gets the job done! Look forward to hearing from someone.


Dave Kelly:
My suggestion is to go to Orvis or Bass Pro and look at their  kits. They start around $100 and contain everything you need in the way of tackle except flies.  This will let you get your feet wet.

The club has DVDs we library out to help teach. The club also has a Fly Fishing Academy that starts out as if you don't know what a fly rod looks like and ends with you having enough knowledge to ask the right questions when you go to buy.

A combo is a good idea. BPS Katy see Richard or Dave in the fly shop tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will get you started.  Orvis wont have any combo set ups. You can get everything to get on the water for less than 150.00.

Lessons casting are a must.  Don't get too anxious either because the windest time of the year is coming.  You need to practice in the wind anyways. Oh yeah ...better start looking for your BOAT! Good Luck

Keep your eyes open on some of the fishing websites as well as EBay & Craig's list. I have found some pretty good deals online for slightly used equipment.

Joe French:
There are some flyrods for sale on  in classifieds fishing gear.



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