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River, Lakes, Bays 'N Bayous TRASH BASH

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Dave Kelly:
This is an annual event. TFF members are encouraged to participate.
Click for information.

Adam Colorado:
If anyone is interested in joining me on Saturday morning, I am thinking I will help clean up Little White Oak Bayou (Moody Park), as it is the site nearest to my home, but would be open to going somewhere else if anyone would like to fish after the trash cleanup.

I wouldn't mind joining you, Adam, but I have been drafted to do my parents taxes this Saturday. The joys of being a CPA......

Wormdrowner you are a CPA too!  I LOVE YOU MAN!

Yeah, but not a tax CPA. You don't want me doing taxes any more than you want your proctologist doing brain surgery. They may both be doctors, but...........


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