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Started fly fishing back around 2005. I got hooked on it chasing steelhead in some of NE Ohio's Lake Erie tributaries during my 9 1/2 years "in exile". Came home to Houston in 2010 and had to relearn how to flyfish, as our methods are somewhat different than what I learned up there. I just wish I would have learned flyfishing as a kid growing up in Spring Branch all those years ago. I don't tie at all. I spend 8-12 hours a day looking at little numbers on spreadsheets (I'm a financial analyst), I don't think my eyes can take me spending my free time looking at little bitty flies all evening. My hat's off to those of you who can. I greatly admire your work!

I generally prefer salt to fresh, but I am discovering the joys of perch & small bass on a 3wt (thanks Golden!)

Hope to see y'all on the water! Tight lines to all!


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