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I have been fly fishing for 13 years and started fly tying 11 years ago.  I cannot get enough of both these days and I also enjoy teaching other what I have learned as I progress with others.   If there was U.S. Government full time job as Fly Fishing Ambassador that paid at GS-11 or higher pay scale I would take the job in a heartbeat!  But because there is not, I work hard as a truly modern "2.5 jobs man" of New Normal Post 2008 Economy!  I work part-time as the Fly Casting Instructor and Retail Associate for the White River Fly Shop in Katy, Texas and also provide "1 to 1" fly fishing lessons to busy executives in the Houston Area.  My new 2012 venture is serving as the host to the TFF Fly Tying Open Forum that we are going to have starting the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month starting on January 10th.  Bring your vise, your tools, your hook and materials and let's tie flies.  A NO RULES getaway at the Bayland Community Center.   
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