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Outing Information Only / Sabine River - September 2014, pictures 02
« Last post by Puck on September 28, 2014, 12:24:57 PM »
Getting ready to get on the water Friday afternoon.  This was taken from the dock.
Outing Information Only / Sabine River - September 2014, pictures 01
« Last post by Puck on September 28, 2014, 12:23:15 PM »
Crawford's fish camp back porch.  Where we spent most of our waking hours while there.
General Discussion / Re: Sheepshead Fly Fishing Photo needed
« Last post by Wormdrowner on September 26, 2014, 09:12:36 AM »
He said he found a pic. He was against a deadline and had to get it out. 
General Discussion / Re: Sheepshead Fly Fishing Photo needed
« Last post by Puck on September 26, 2014, 07:13:08 AM »
I have some from the TFF February outing.   I'll be able to sent them sometime Sunday.

Alan K. was the star.

General Discussion / Sheepshead Fly Fishing Photo needed
« Last post by Wormdrowner on September 26, 2014, 06:58:22 AM »
Greg Berlocher asked me if I had any photos for an article he's writing on fly fishing for sheepshead. I don't have any but I said I'd ask if any of y'all have one he can use.  Please let me or Greg know if you do.  Thanks. 
Special Events - Local, National, whatever / Rendezvous 2014
« Last post by Puck on September 24, 2014, 09:30:49 AM »
Rendezvous 2014 

Walter has all of the information posted there.

October 31st through November 2nd

Outing Information Only / Re: Redfish Rodeo - October 4th Rockport, TX
« Last post by Wormdrowner on September 24, 2014, 07:44:52 AM »
I am releasing 3 of the smaller bungalows from our reservation.  That means we now have 3 Bungalows left with room for 2 each. These will be gone this Friday at noon if you don't sign up and contact me. Also, if I don't hear from you regarding Sat dinner, I will not order for you.  Friday noon is the deadline!
General Discussion / Re: Crane Creek Missouri?
« Last post by Wormdrowner on September 23, 2014, 08:46:13 PM »
Great story, Mike & thanks for the tips. Tracy's ex lives up there so her daughter decided that's where she wants to get married. She & her fiancee live near Dallas, so my choices otherwise would be something like White Rock Lake if she were to stay home to get hitched. Bows & brownies ?!?!, Berry pie? Heck yeah! I'm there!  Just gotta wait until next year for them to do the deed. Better stock up on PTO.
General Discussion / Re: Cache la Poudre River and North Platte in July 2014
« Last post by Golden on September 23, 2014, 05:50:00 PM »
We used to ride that route on our motorcycles during the summer and hit a little tavern up in Walden.
I had more fun with a local gal up there than fishing has ever given me aaah but that was then and this is now!
General Discussion / Re: Crane Creek Missouri?
« Last post by Golden on September 23, 2014, 05:35:16 PM »
You'll never believe this but just east of Crane there is an area called Highland Village (just north of Galena Mo.) where this work buddy of mine back in the 70's had a weekend trailer home and when we were working a long project over in Springfield we would drive down and stay there on the weekends. His son who lived there loved to fish a creek over there called I think Finley Creek.  Anyways it joined up with Crane Creek, and at a bridge crossing there is where Carl and I put his 16' old town canoe in and we did an all day and I mean all day drift down to this old golf course out there in the sticks somewhere. I never saw so many 'bows and browns in my life.  Gravel bars with riffles everywhere. We were using spinning rods with meps spinners and 6 lb. test and we could literally catch a fish with every cast around those bars.  When you got into deeper slow water watch out for the small mouth bass the size of overgrown footballs. On one trip one so big hit Carl's spinner it yanked the mono off his filament.  No joke. Never seen anything like it.

Hey why the heck is Tracy's daughter getting married up there. This isn't one of those reality TV weddings shows where everybody is naked, starves, and starts looking for the next challenge card is it? ...Oh or wait is it one of those destination weddings like Brad and Angelina just had...which by the way I HATE FRANCE. Does she have the nerve to get a Game Show Host to do her wedding (I just love that ad...Angelina do you take Brad for your lawfully wedded husband or do you Want what's behind Door Number Three... "IT's A NEEEWWWW CAR!") and there goes Angelina... Love It! 

You know this area is great for hunting too.  Yeah it is... go to Crane and start to hunt for a Walmart. Nope not one there.  That ought to tell you something not even a Sonic Drive In jeese louisees. What's a girl going to do?
If you get the chance go over to Galena MO. there is a cafe in town that serves the BEST home grown mountain berry pie you'd ever taste (also available in a clear mason jar). The coffee was delicious too, and from there it is just a short drive over to Butler Hollow where you will find more gravel bars and big bows too. Another place to fish Noland Hollow that is closer to Cane but the river there was super wide and very slow. Big Carp country. I looked in my old address book to see if I still had a number for Carl or his son as Carl is probably long gone. He was thirty years my senior. But No luck there. But dude this area is banjo country if you know what I mean. Heck they don't allow cats to meow after 8:00 PM. Ooops, I just drooled on my keyboard thinking about that MB pie!

Heck the backroads there don't even have numbers like here in TEXAS (FM 1488) they have single letters like Q! Carl said it was a cost saving move...the first graders would hand paint a sign during art class and put it up. No really look it up. It was crazy!  You remember Junior Samples don't you? (HEE HAW Grammy Winner 1972 and renowned Wormdrowner impersonator) Well his brother Ample Samples (BR 548) was laid to rest somewhere around of McChord's Bend. (See US Government Hazardous Waste Site #13). Haven't been back since way back when but had a boatload of fun when I was there. Congrats to the young lady and get some of that pie to the wedding.


}<)))*> GOLDEN <*(((>{
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