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Outing Chat / Re: Bull Reds, Jack Carvelle, on a Fly??
« Last post by Golden on April 12, 2014, 05:00:08 PM »
I just answered your thread on the chat forum but I will tell you catching a big jack while wading in 16" of water is a hoot.  John Purcell was with me two years ago when I spotted a big jack cruising back in Mule Slough in less than 16" of water. I was eating a sandwich while sitting on the bow of my scooter so I just reach back and grabbed my rod stripped off 30 feet of line... one handed cast (wasn't going to drop my sandwich) and boom a huge jack pounced on the fly.  Ok now I dropped the sandwich. I fought the fish while wading away from the boat. I got John positioned to take underwater pictures while I was fighting the fish but John got inside the fishes line arch and the Jack turned back into John wrapping the line around his leg and BBBBUUUURRRRRNNNNN Snap! But he did get some good pictures.

But here is a few from last year. OOopps notice the two piece Xi3 10 weight.  Belonged to Dr. Mike Eberhardt! Well he told me to use it.  I thought he said to abuse it...I did!

Here is Dave Lord you want to know what to throw...look closely at the small mop hanging out of the fishes mouth.  Better practice your casting this fly will ware you (and me) out.
Outing Information Only / Re: Port O'Connor Jetties - May 31st
« Last post by Golden on April 12, 2014, 04:37:07 PM »
Don if you find a 40 lb Jack anywhere in POC Leave it alone! Besides breaking your rod it would probably sink your boat too. They are bad mamajama's. I have only caught one over twenty-five pounds that didn't break the rod I was using no matter what weight it was! Just ask John Purcell. Big reds are easy compared to a jack ...and I ain't lying.  There is something about that last run at the boat!  You better loosen your drag the closer you get the fish to the boat.  ;D
No longer do we have a cabin. 

We now have 2 cabins and one campsite!

8 more A/C places are still open as of today, 2014-04-12.

Outing Chat / Re: Devils River Adventure –Four TFF’ers make it out in one piece!
« Last post by Puck on April 12, 2014, 11:26:32 AM »
Take a look at the map, and information provided by TPWD.

And I've marked where we took out and took out. 

I don't show the campsites, or where we caught fish.  That would be up to Brent and his team at ReelFly Fishing Adventures.;)

Outing Chat / Re: Devils River Adventure –Four TFF’ers make it out in one piece!
« Last post by Puck on April 12, 2014, 11:23:51 AM »
You are welcome!   ;D

That smallmouth gives you just another reason to go back. 

Yeah, thanks Puck for helping relive the very special moment of hooking a personal best smallmout, then having it spit the hook. Ah, well... I guess that is what keeps us coming back. I know he's swimming out there somehwere, just taunting me.  I'll go back and find him!

Argh... >:(

The volunteers, Dave S. Frank B, Marcos E, and I showed up to educate the students how to tie a wooly worm.

Coffee, scones, muffins were enjoyed while we waited for the sign-in desk to be manned.  While waiting we got a visit from the police. I guess a bunch of guys drinking coffee at the flag pole is not a common event.  When we reminded him that he was one of our moving fly casting targets the last time we were there, he remembered us with a laugh and went back to his regular duties.

OK, we forgot 3 bobbins, and 100 hook.  The video camera had the wrong cables.  And then the fun started.  100 sandwich baggies loaded with the ingredients for the fly.  About 30 teenagers in 3 different classes.  3 roamers, and a loud bald guy in the front, with a running commentary.

During the first class we timed it perfectly, and only had 2 minutes to spare as we were able to get two sets of students at each vice.

The second class we had about 5 minutes left, and Marcos attempted to explain the math behind profiting from fly tying.

One the last class of the day, we were a well-oiled team.  Roving through and getting the tyers help as they asked for it, we had a ton of time left, almost 12 whole minutes. 

Some of the neon colors that we used would get the attention of just about anything, fish included.

This was a great way to introduce younger folks to  our sport.  Without this some of them would never even consider fly-fishing.

Then Charlotte G.  our teacher, showed us the homework assignment, budgeting a fishing trip.  I thought this was a great idea, and could only get them to put more thought into what kind of fun there is to be had.

Next time?


Outing Chat / Re: Devils River Adventure –Four TFF’ers make it out in one piece!
« Last post by Puck on April 12, 2014, 07:59:40 AM »
Some pictures:
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