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Outing Information Only / Re: Christmas Bay - March
« on: March 14, 2014, 11:16:52 AM »
Does ss mean shallow sport? If so I am in.  And you guys quit your b*&%$ng about the wind. If you can just get (paddle) to a good wade-able location you can fish. wind or no wind. Yea if it is 30 mph that's different but you have to expect the wind to be 20+ by noon. That the TEXAS coast. Man Up! If Ron brings his sail craft he can pull you like last year.

Others who want to bring their boats do so.  No reason to think this is kayaks only. I've got a spot you'll just love if you have a poling skiff! I guarantee big fish will be there too.

General Discussion / Re: TFF at the Houston Fishing Show 2014-03-05
« on: March 10, 2014, 06:37:19 PM »

Whom ever it was that said, “never venture - never gain” was proved again to be so correct.  I knew from the time I was a small boy at the side of my dad, that good comes to good people and hard work pays well if not now it will in the end! Well this past week down at the George R. Brown Convention Center hard work and good people both came together to represent the spirit and sport of fly fishing here in our great state of Texas.  Day after day during this past week our booth in the convention hall was by far the busiest “non-selling” booth in this huge hall. At times you couldn’t see the other side of the aisle there were so many folks wanting to see what the fly tyers were doing or to listen to past fly fishing adventures from one of the booth workers or to watch video of big fish being brought to hand at the end of a well tied lightweight leader.  The energy expressed by the booth workers was absorbed and given back by those seeking information about fly fishing.

We heard stories how “my Dad used to fly fish and just loved it, but he’s passed on now so where can I learn?” Or, “I did that back when I was a kid and loved it but since I moved here from Montana I really never thought you could do that here? Or, “but that fly fishing is for small fish, I want to catch BIG fish…really? Each of those and similar questions were met with “we’ll show you brother!”  After a five minute discussion these doubters were thoroughly convinced that fly fishing is not only a viable method but just might be the premier method to catch fish. You could see their faces light up with anticipation…could I really to do that?  The look on a seven year old boys face when he (with just five minutes instruction) was doing a perfect roll-cast 25’ down the aisle right on target using one of our TFF practice rods, his Dad beaming with pride that his boy just might be ready to join him on his next outing. This re-occurred day after day… young boys and girls getting their first experience with a fly rod that just might be their chosen sport in the years to come. 

The TFF guys working the crowd!

During the five days of the show the workers of the Texas Fly Fishers booth spoke with literally hundreds of folks who showed interest in fly casting, tying, and fishing.  We met a young man from Mississippi who really loved fly fishing back home and would really like to spend more time doing more but he’s slightly busy right now as a quarterback for Rice University! We met a young lady whose Grand Dad was a founding member of the IFGA and set world records with a fly rod that weren’t recognized by the IFGA for years because after all he used a fly rod! We had a well recognized “conventional” guide who wanted to listen to our stories on how to present a fly to a big trout sitting in a pot hole. All of the stories, each in their own way were fantastic and fulfilling. A resounding theme heard over and over by all of us was, “where have you guys been all these years?” our retort was we’ve been here for twenty-seven years and with your help we’ll be for twenty-seven more. WOW… I am telling you now - I had only one negative comment. That’s it, one in five days! That was awesome.

Tom selling another SoloSkiff while Les and Marcos tie up their specialties!

My favorite line to get someone to stop in and talk with me was… “hey you still got Dad’s fly rod sitting in the back closet at home?” I’d get this “how did you know” look on their face and they’d stop walking and say, “yeah, is it any good?” I’d say, “only if you would use it!” They would sit down and begin to re-account different adventures with their Dads or Grand Dads and all the fun they had fly fishing.  Soon they fully understood the fun hasn’t gone away and that the Texas Fly Fishers could get them back on track to reliving those memories with their children in no time.

Looks like John C. is not the only one interested in what Shelby's tying.

I want to thank all the folks who unselfishly took time away from their busy personal lives to share time working in our booth bringing their TEXAS fly fishing spirit to so many people. You guys know who you are and probably feel like I…a little tired but completely rejuvenated by all the positive thoughts and Karma that fly fishing brings to its public.  Dave Steffic did a terrific job with his group with Reel Recovery gathering wonderful donations for those who aren't as fortunate as some of us.  Thanks Dave! Thanks also to Nancy Lapin the fly fishing gal with endless energy who brought the coffee for Sunday morning...what a life saver! Who forgot about Daylight Savings Time NOT me!

Thanks to Captain Ben Paschal doing his wonderful seminar about fly fishing the Lower Laguna Madre and working our booth for three days. Also special thanks to Captain Scott Null for filling in for our only scheduled "NO SHOW". Captain Null's Sunday presentation about fly fishing Galveston Bay was very well attended.  Super big thanks to John Carpenter who allowed us to present his new watercraft the SoloSkiff to the Texas fishing public.  Wow, what a kayak killer...even kayak salesmen at the show came by to see what everybody was talking about then only to leave saying it was totally awesome! Tom Mitzlaff, the builder of the SoloSkiff came all the way from Jacksonville, Florida to answer questions about his newest watercraft. Believe you Me brother it was the HIT of the shallow water boats at the show this year.


But Now I want to say an extra special thanks to one of our booth workers and I know that’s not the way he would like it either. He represents every thing that is good about fly fishing. He tirelessly tied flies, one after the other for five days, he re-accounted his thirty plus years of fly fishing experiences talking about tying special leaders, knots, flys, fishing in the Keys, Central America, California, the east coast, to tossing size 26 midge patterns in little spring creeks high in the mountains to tossing huge black backwater flies in the marsh canals in southern Lousiana. Folks he joined the Texas Fly Fishers way back in the eighties when fly fishing in here Texas was still a virgin sport with Chris Phillips at the helm. Thank you Les Lehman! Having you in our booth added huge credibility to our efforts.  Seeing all the numerous people who made their way over to you just to shake your hand and say hi.  We are very lucky to have you back in town for how ever long and we are much better for it too…Thank You Brother!

Les L., Jim D., and Jason E. having a great time at the show!

OK who wants to do this again?

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: March 02, 2014, 11:35:47 AM »
Hey did you get any pictures Mike? I want them sent to me so I can format for our slide presentation at the show.  I do not have access to DROPBOX. Everybody send me .jpeg formatted photos.

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: March 02, 2014, 11:08:37 AM »

What a time was had by all…it got started with the drive down from Houston being what it is crowded roads, slow traffic, but a good time to call your buds and talk fly fishing. Some of the guys got an early start with Tim and Karen getting there early to check out their boat, gear, and too see where to stay and launch. George and I were somewhere behind Mike Q. and the other guys but we teamed up on the road and I followed him in.  We found Tim and Karen at the ice house filling up their beautiful Beavertail skiff.  Wow not going to be hard to see that boat coming. Anyways we drove over to Alan’s place and found the guys outside waiting for our Host who I knew was going to be slightly late.  No problem, I just started to get my gear organized as did the others so there would be little delay the following morning.  Scott B. and I were discussing fly choice with Garland S. and George S. and the consensus was the crab fly. As guys started showing up we all had the pleasure of meeting two of our club’s newest members Colton D. and Jason T. two strapping young men who if played right, we could have them do all the heavy hauling work!  You could hear Puck’s excitement…what’s new right… saying he was ready to get out on the water.  Doc Joe pulled up with his Shallow Sport and Don H. showed up too with his big bay boat so now the two “heavy’s” were in port ready to do battle.  It was beginning to look like a WWII Pacific attack fleet, we had the 2 big heavies surrounded by all of the destroyer escorts (skiffs).  Jack K. showed up with his boat and then Alan got there with his.  Bill W. arrived and said his boat was ready over at his lodge. After a few adult beverages and small talk it got time for dinner so we formed up and went to Jay’s Chili Shack.

On the way over to Jay’s there was plenty of excitement for some of the TFF crew.  One of our “illustrious” leaders (No name’s shall be used to protect the innocent…er guilty party.) actually heading up part of the pack made a few wrong turns leading his group down some poorly marked county road eventually to find his truck knee deep in someone’s front yard. But lets just say with NO turning radius and original stock tires that four wheel drive FORD truck couldn’t pull its own weight our of the quagmire.  Don’t let this be construed as a DODGE truck commercial, please.  What was funny about the situation was if the driver would have turned right instead of left from the street he would have gone into a large double wide empty driveway that would a facilitated his maneuver. But here was our first opportunity to use our two new young bucks… Jason and Colton jumped out of their truck - threw some straps around the floundering vehicle and pulled it right out! Everything was now cool.  There was a group of us at the Chili shack wondering where everybody was …they actually left before us.  Well we soon knew. Giggles were had all in good fun.

What is he doing?

Oh I see!

Photo's by Anonymous photographer!

NOW! I will not be negative about our experience at Jay’s that Friday night but to say they were not prepared for us is an understatement. Mike Q. had called them way in advance, booked reservations for around fifteen and gave them our ETA.  Good right? NO.  We sat down at 7:30 ordered our beverages and dinners by 8:00.  The last meal was served to us around 9:45 PM give or take a few minutes. They appeared to run out of some foods and just had one server to help out. But the chili was good and we made the best of it.  The joints staff comp’ed some of our drinks and extras so that helped out and they were really apologetic.  Heck even checking out took over thirty minutes as their credit card swiper crapped out too!  Thanks to TFF for providing our dinner that night …everybody was very appreciable.

But we were here to fish.  The guys all left the Chili Shack for their accommodations (BIG THANKS) to Alan’ K. and to Bill W. for graciously allowing our guys to stay at their lodges.  Everybody was very comfortable.  Bill even got up early and had breakfast and coffee ready for our group when we got up. Thanks Bill!  During the night Aaron H. got up and fish Bill's green lights and picked up a few trout and reds!  The plan to meet up at the ramp at 8:00 Am went well. Everybody got their boats in the water in good order and it was off to the happy hunting grounds. As I was in Bill W.’s boat with Aaron H. I can only tell you about our experience while on the water but rest assured everybody had a great day!

Bill directed us way down East Matagorda Bay westward to a couple of small reefs surrounded by miles of hard packed sand.  As soon as we bailed out of the boats our first reaction was very little wind, water acceptably cold, water clarity was great, but visibility was poor.  Overcast conditions prevailed all day with the exception of a one hour period around mid-day when it did clear up for us.  Seeing fish was difficult from what I heard from everybody later upon our return, but we all dealt with it.  I waded off from the boat and in less than fifteen minutes I spotted my first escaped prisoner. After a good fight I was able to detain and cuff him with no problem.  So all is good now… my first salt water fish in over three months! AAAHHHHH! After another thirty minutes or so during a short burst of sunlight I saw a large “cocklebur” (as our good fly fishing buddy Jim Daley calls them) and casted just past the fish. A couple of quick strips and the fish followed the crab fly straight in my direction.  I dropped the rod tip and the fish stopped and tipped on the fly as soon as it made the slightest movement I jumped all over him with a high stick trout set! Yeah baby! This was a good fighting fish he made several strong runs making my reel scream and then he did several cool rollover maneuvers to try and dislodge the fly, but all to no avail.  I now had two detainees!  Soon, a little while later I looked over hearing Aaron’s “fish on” and saw his rod bowed over like he was hooked on an anvil! After a long fight Aaron raised his first catch of the day!  You could see Aaron’s big smile from over a hundred yards!  Bill had us in the fish but it was so challenging seeing fish due to the grey sky conditions.

The day went on with each us on Bill’s boat getting some shots but only a few more fish came to hand. Aaron and I found this one spot where the fish seemed to be thick all around us. So we just held our position until the sunlight would allow us to see the fish. He hooked several good fish doing this as did I. But landing them was a different story.  We broke for lunch back at the boat eating delicious cold fried chicken and gold fish crackers. Throwing the skin and bones into the water produced several large “trout slicks” that drifted off in the direction of the bait chunking community well beyond our reefs.  You know those slicks saw some hardware when drifting by those potlickers! HAHAHA

We relocated after lunch a little further southward to another reef I waded off down the sand flat Bill and Aaron waded the reef. The sun was now beginning to cooperate and visibility was getting great.  I was able to find another good size sheepshead who was completely oblivious to my approach. The first cast he followed right up to me and then he broke off to my right, my second cast was out in front of him he turned on it and ate. Timing the strike is so critical with these fish. You will never feel the bite, it’s not like a red or a trout for sure.  Bill and Aaron were now moving off the reef back towards the boat when I noticed Bills rod flexing hard.  Another fish on…the sunlight really was helping. I caught one more but missed a big fish who charged my fly twice.  I never saw him pick up the fly…not to say he didn’t I just never got the hook set.  That fish was huge and easily bigger than several of my big fish of the day.  The wind was very manageable all day with only a brief period of 15 to 20 mph wind gusts. What a wonderful day to be out on the water with the TFF’ers.  We collected back at the boat seeing we had an hour long drive back to the ramp.  Bill broke out the VHF radio and called for a fish count.  Holley smokes Alan reported he had caught eleven (a new TFF record for this event) Puck had caught four, and most of the others had at least one or two fish. They must have had a great spot!  But knowing Alan’s skills and local knowledge he was the one to beat anyways. (I later told him the trophy shop already knows how to spell his name correctly!)

The bay was very calm as we linked up with several other TFF boats for the restful ride back.  Bill’s Hell’s Bay boat is the and smooth! All went well at the boat ramp…well I’m sure Garland would have something to say about his arrival. Remember Garland, I want a picture of the color of that bruise 'cause I’m thinking of a bull red fly I’ll need for over in Louisiana next year. Hopefully your boat operator comes to our TFF skiff operation classes this coming summer to learn how to take the boat out of gear when approaching a ramp, or not to reverse the boat while his first mate is making that first step towards the dock!  Good thing Jack was already off his boat he didn’t even see the collision. The group assembled at the ramp parking lot to enjoy the terra firma, a few cold ones, and some fishing tails.  One boat was running a little late so everybody stayed until they were safely home. Then it was on the Alan’s place to reassemble to say our good bye’s. George S. came up to one group of guys and said anybody up for some burgers and beer. Well that led to all of us going to the Crab Shack to carry on our fun and to discuss the day's events.  Everybody really appreciated Mike Q’s work putting this outing together!  WOW another great TFF Saltwater Outing with good people, lot’s of fun and jokes, and a day on the water fly fishing where we received the heavenly blessings from our Great Maker.

GOLDEN    <*)))><

Outing Chat / Re: Fishing Sargent Tomorrow
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:50:57 PM »
Thanks Don you are the man!

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 28, 2014, 11:54:08 AM »
In the event of fog I vote we start drinking heavily back at the lodge!  Just heard from Don H.  His boat is ready to go! Things just got uncrowded. Also spoke with Alan he will be down there around 6:00PM. Also I just spoke with Wendell B. He is not going to come due to a close friend of his wife's passing away and they are committed to helping with the arrangements. So I will be looking for a ride and a place to stay...just my luck.

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 27, 2014, 09:25:26 AM »
This one could be our largest PPI yet...I'm preying the conditions meet our expectations!  ::)

I'll be leaving right after fishing is to get the stuff ready for the SHOW.  ;D

Also have passes to BBQ Cook-Off to use too!  Could be a long weekend!  8)

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 22, 2014, 05:08:31 PM »
WHEW...we dodged a bullet there MFQ.

Good On You Don for Getting 'er fixed so quickly!

Outing Chat / Bayou Bassin - They're Back!
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:42:19 PM »
So I got a call from Mike Q. last night...Hey Dude you want to meet on the Bayou?  Told him work was probably going to interfere but what the hey let's try it.  So we meet up around 8:30 AM Saturday morning to check out the Bayou.  Calm winds, it's over 55 degrees sun is shining, it is nice day!  Mike tells me Pete A. is going to join us soon.  So we decide you go this way I'll go that way let's find the fish. Wasn't long till I notice that I can't turn my fly over worth a poop.  Got to go back to the truck and tie up a new 8 lb leader.  Before I left the house this morning I kind of felt I would have to, so I had my spools with me and it only took five to ten minutes and I was back on the water.  Pete was there by now and we said our pleasantries and off I went east and they went west.  I soon found a deep hole I hadn't fished for at least fifteen years.  This is a spot I used to wait for my youngest kid to get out of elementary school which was about three hundred feet from the schools front door.  NICE! Anyways I started dredging the bottom and I felt the distinct thud we all have grown to love. I said hello Buster with a quick strip set and the bass was airborne in seconds.

Here is my first bass of the day

Nice little buck who was sitting right on the edge of a deep pool just inside the shade line.  So as I kept walking east I concentrated on fishing the shady spots close to deep water.  Boom a second fish came to hand.

You can see he sucked down the fly pretty deep but no worries it came right out as I had the barb compressed.  Anyways I kept on going another forty feet or so and now this THUD was solid.  The fish went airborne and tail walked too.  This was a four pounder with an attitude but after a short fight I got her to the bank and started to pull her up the incline when my tippet broke and the fish and fly slide back into the water. NOT GOOD!  I broke out my box to get another fly when the phone rang...darn it I had to go back to work...

A couple of hours later work done, I returned to the scene of the crime and looked for Mike or Pete but they had left.  I parked in a different location to fish another portion of the bayou. The weather was even better than in the morning and the air temp was around 65 or so.  I change to a different fly and started to look for my quarry in a small section that had a couple of rock formations that looked inviting. First cast and I see this pig come out and whack my fly but I was way to slow and she spit the fly in a nano-second. I cast a few more times at different targets but only caught one of these.

Moving down the bank I found this real sweet spot that looked perfect.

I just stood and watched for a few minutes. But it wasn't long before I noticed this long dark girl swimming along the bank and I put a tight loop right in her face. While she followed the fly I noticed a bigger fish swim up beside her. The first one ate. She looked like this. I'd say bigger than four pounds but you figure that out.

While fighting her I saw at least four more big fish trying to get what ever she was eating away from her.  Also saw a bright pink and red coi(?) rise to the top of the water.  Fish were everywhere After I took that picture I grabbed my rod only to hook up with this.  Another biggie girl who sucked in the fly deep.

So now I am freaking out. Big fish are happening right now.  Keep moving down the bank and look for the rocks.  There some over there.

This is some kind of fun.  As the sun started to go behind the tree line behind me I thought I would return to the truck but not before trying a shot or two at the first fish I missed earlier. Two casts next to the same rock netted this babe and I was able to coax another goodie to hand. But that is enough fun for one day.  Wish you were here.

THEY'RE BACK...I wonder how Mike and Pete did?

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 14, 2014, 06:49:52 AM »
I know this is a silly question but how many of you are pre-fishing Friday?  What time is check-in at the Lodges? Is anybody fishing Sunday? One of these questions is a Daily Double  :o 

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:30:58 AM »
I'm in! My request is for Shiner.

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: February 08, 2014, 01:34:49 PM »
Never too late Garland.  You have been put on John Purcell's boat. You need to contact him soon and let him know.  Go to the updated trip status above and keep aware of what is going on. 

Outing Information Only / Re: Sabine Lake - January 25th, 2014
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:46:53 PM »
I've got a question...if they were fishing from Texas 3 sports + 1 Capt'n right? There are fourteen redfish in that picture...right.  I believe the Capt'n is not allowed to add to the sports limits any more in Texas...right? Er they must have been fishing the La side.  What ..their limit would be five no bigger than 27"...right. I'm guess'n one of those bigger reds was 26 15/16" right!

Hey it's been awefully quiet 'round these parts...we are still going huh. It will be colder than ... Supposed to be partly sunny low of 38 high of 60! Let's plan on being on the water around 9:-10:00am

Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« on: January 15, 2014, 01:45:10 PM »


Outing Information Only / Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 8
« on: January 11, 2014, 05:00:25 PM »
Mike - the Fishing Show is that weekend.  March 5 through 9.  I have you scheduled to work the show as we discussed.  Also many of our members will also be attending the show.  I suggest you look at February 15th maybe. I will putting up a post on the Show after our Board meeting!

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