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Outing Information Only / Re: Port O'Connor Jetties - May 31st
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:37:07 PM »
Don if you find a 40 lb Jack anywhere in POC Leave it alone! Besides breaking your rod it would probably sink your boat too. They are bad mamajama's. I have only caught one over twenty-five pounds that didn't break the rod I was using no matter what weight it was! Just ask John Purcell. Big reds are easy compared to a jack ...and I ain't lying.  There is something about that last run at the boat!  You better loosen your drag the closer you get the fish to the boat.  ;D

General Discussion / TFF 2014 Auction Announcement
« on: April 07, 2014, 10:23:23 AM »
Bethany Christian Church
3223 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas
May 03, 2014  -  9:00 am till 5:00 pm

You are invited to attend our annual Texas Fly Fishers Auction where we offer hundreds of quality items for donation and purchase. There will be a silent auction for you to shop over everything from fly rods, reels, lines, leaders, tying equipment, flies, fly boxes, river pouches, back packs, fishing vests, just about anything you can think of having to do with our chosen sport of Fly Fishing.  We will also have a live auction where our long time member and auctioneer, Mr. Corey Rich will offer for your bid guided trips up and down the Texas Coast, beautiful artwork, fantastic new fly rod/reel combos, and numerous other unbelievable items including a three day and four night fully-guided fishing adventure at the Belize River Lodge including their awesome meal package. If that doesn’t get your blood boiling how about three days and four nights at Eva’s Bonefish Lodge on Andros Islands over in the Bahamas.  Yes my fishing brothers we are talking Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Barracuda, and all of the exciting adventure that goes with fishing these two pristine crystal clear water locations. If you enjoy underwater photography just tell your hosts and they will arrange for you to have a photo opportunity of your lifetime.  Sounds fantastic You bet! It’s Grand Slam-ilicious.

If that is not enough, this year we are having a very special addition to our Auction, due to the unfortunate passing of one of our original founding members, Dr. Ed Rizzolo, through the benevolence of his wonderful wife Ms. Ruth Rizzolo and their family, left to our club a tremendous legacy of his fly tying collection including flies, books, travel tying cases and tying equipment. Those of you that had the pleasure of meeting, fishing, tying or just knowing Dr. Ed knew that Ed’s long time passion for fly fishing had a huge effect on the establishing the true Spirit of fly fishing here in Texas.  In that same spirit we are presenting this wonderful collection to his fly fishing brothers as only Dr. Ed would have it.

While you are at the auction you will have available for purchase a wonderful spaghetti lunch dish including beverages presented by the church’s staff. Please go to our website for further information regarding this annual event. On the front page you will find links to a listing of Ed’s collection as well as further information regarding other outstanding items up for auction.  If you have any questions regarding this event, or wish to donate or work the event please contact our Auction Event Leaders Mr. Skip or Ms. Mary Kaye Donovan at 713-822-0069.

Mike “Golden” Graham
Texas Fly Fishers Promotion Director 
Please look these photos over and you will see just a part of the collection.


Not recommended...lots of water less than 2' deep, the kayakers are going to cover miles per day not likely to do that in a "belly tube". Limestone river bottom not good for tubes, derneer fabric or not. If water levels are down you may end up walking or "portaging" alot.

Outing Chat / Re: Guide for Venice flyfishing?
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:40:11 PM »
Joe, George and I as well as some of the other TFF'ers are talking about taking our boats over and spending the better part of a week over there fishing. I spoke with Scott N. and said we would hire him for a couple of days to show us the area and then we would dyi after that. We found some on the water cabins that sleep 4 for around 175.00 per night.  Boat slip right under the cabin.  Empire area. You in! We have not set a date yet but we're thinking closer to early December. Anyways just a thought.

Outing Chat / Re: East Matty Big Specktacular
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:44:28 PM »

Outing Chat / Re: First Flounder on my own flie
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:41:22 PM »
What is that I hear.......................Oh it'S the DINNER BELL!

Outing Chat / Re: My own !!
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:39:26 PM »
Way to go Brother. It looks scary harry! I thought flounder like white? Who da thunk?

What is happening on the boat scene Justin?  Also have you heard from Colton, is he needing a place to stay Friday night?

That is way good Nick, nice to see you get on the water. Get me a PM and maybe I can hook you up with a rider.

As I see it we have George, Scott B. Justin, Kevin Mc., Mike Q and I. Hopefully I'll be riding with George. I wont be able to lodge Saturday Night cause I need to be back for SIL party. Mike have you arrange a Friday night dinner for the group yet?  I'll meet down at the same ramp we used last month. Mike I'll contact the normal salties by email blast. You get the lodging location, bed types, and rates as well as if we are going to have a dinner there too or not. I would expect around eight.

UPDATE 4/02/14

Emails were sent to all people on the contact list below and looks like we are getting a good response. If you have signed up or contacted me saying you are attending your name has been removed from the contact list.  Here's an update as of Wed. nite- we now have 11 fishers and six boats!  Way to go guys!  Bill W. told me he had room for a few more guys at his place, so better let me know soon. I'll put you on the board once I have an email from you.  As always, its first come first serve! That's the way we roll around here so if you need a boat or a place to stay you have been warned. Quigley is still working on some other sleeping quarters too.

I spoke with George S.who is going to bring a little of Louisiana to the Friday Night Shin Dig! We're boiling up some Cajun shrimp, corn and taters. We'll need a little ???? to go with bait! You guys in or what? Bill W. you mind if we do sum cook'n out on the back deck? I'm thinking we might get a little pot going for largest fish under the lights...aah you'll have to blow at least .02 or your not IN!

Attending Boat Captains     
George  S.          Rider Scott B.                    George & Scott at Bill's Friday night
Justin P.             Rider Colton D. , Gary E     Justin P. & Colton at Bills Friday Night.
Don H.               Riders Kevin Mc., Dave G.  Don H.  Kevin Mc. @ Bill's Friday Night     
Bill W.               Rider Mike Q.                     Bill W & Mike Q staying at Bill's
Wendell B.          Rider Mike G.                     staying at Wendell's Friday night
Nick S                Rider Mike M.                     Nick driving in Saturday; Mike at Bill's Friday Night

There is a small hotel down in Sargent that has rooms available on a nightly basis. As Bill's place is now full, any others needing to stay might look here for a bed.  The rates are around $95 with two queen beds.  Also you could put a third in with a blow up mattress if you have one to make price a little easier.

I'll contact:       
Dan S.  rider
Gary E.  boat/rider
Travis R rider
Alex B.  rider
Matt B.  rider
Les L.    rider
Kelly H. boat/rider
Joe F.  boat/rider

Also I'll contact some of the folks we met at the show!  This should be easy.

Note from Wormdrowner

Further down this thread, I put a spreadsheet with the boat & lodging details laid out. There is also a link to the hotel for those interested

It might be possible for me to attend if I can get back at reasonable time, but this date is the date of my son-in-law's 40th birthday. :P

Outing Information Only / Re: Chrismas Bay Fishing outing is not today
« on: March 20, 2014, 02:48:25 PM »
Hey Don you might want to post this on the Saltwater Chat forum below.  I'll make sure Mike corrects.  I thought they had it right.

Outing Chat / Bayou Bass Bananza
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:04:24 AM »
So OK I didn't have a Show to do this weekend which allows me the time to go hit the WOB.  All the same as last time but this time I was beaten by several BIG fish. I saw this one big fish drop into a deep pool hole so I casted in...let the fly drop...several short strips revealed the line was moving a different direction than the current.  I trout set the rod high but didn't get all of the slack line on the rod.  I tried again and thought I had the big girl set well but she jumped one time and spit the hook! NOT GOOD! The male bass protecting her nest is easily three pounds.  I'd say she is six! I through at him for a while just letting the fly sit on the nest but he wouldn't pick it up.  Oh he'd go right up to it and look at the fly from every angle but would not pick it up.  Smart dude!

The other one that got away was not as big...maybe three pounds but again I thought I had the hook set.  I'm guessing the hook needs to be re-sharpened due to over-use lately.  If you recognize the fly and you tied it for me please tie up a few more ...and of course one or two for yourself and I will take you to their home. That's a fair trade huh?

Here is what I was looking for in the bayou that produces the best fishing.

Never pass one of these up either.

This gal was sitting under the biggest rock below the drain above. She was a "One shot wonder".

Here is the hook up.

This little bug is a great producer.

Even caught a little buck or two but I was looking for the bigger fish.

Had a great time today tried calling several of the Bayou bass'n boys but didn't get any takers. Pre-frontal conditions with a little mist in the air spells good fishing on the WOB.  Until next front see ya later.

Outing Information Only / Re: Christmas Bay - March
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:18:05 AM »
Justin can you give me a lift in the boat?  I'll show you some good spots, share gas expenses and help crew the boat.  Let me know soon so I can sign up. Not up to kayaking.

Outing Information Only / Re: Christmas Bay - March
« on: March 14, 2014, 11:16:52 AM »
Does ss mean shallow sport? If so I am in.  And you guys quit your b*&%$ng about the wind. If you can just get (paddle) to a good wade-able location you can fish. wind or no wind. Yea if it is 30 mph that's different but you have to expect the wind to be 20+ by noon. That the TEXAS coast. Man Up! If Ron brings his sail craft he can pull you like last year.

Others who want to bring their boats do so.  No reason to think this is kayaks only. I've got a spot you'll just love if you have a poling skiff! I guarantee big fish will be there too.

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